Purederm 3-in-1 Magic BB Cream

I was sent this BB Cream free for review by Purederm which is a Korean brand being locally distributed. It’s a relief to finally experience a BB cream with a color tone more suitable for Filipina skin!

This BB Cream boasts 3 main properties:

1.) SPF 30 – to protect from UV rays, both UVA and UVB

2.) Wrinkle – meaning anti wrinkle ingredients

3.) Skin conditioning – natural extracts that increase skin elasticity

It isn’t entirely paraben-free though. That’s a quick note for those who are particular about that.

What’s extremely special about this BB cream is the shade.

In this photo, it might seem too yellow, but when spread out it blends evenly into the skin.Β  A lot of other BB creams can look ashy on Filipinas because of the lack of warm color tones.Β  This yellowish BB cream stands out because of that plus in the shade.Β  It is no secret that most if not all BB creams are formulated deliberately to increase fairness in one’s complexion.Β  See my hand color lighten up and even out in the next photo?

Continue reading to see a before and after super up close facial test πŸ™‚

As a beauty blogger, I choose to be responsible towards my readers and what I disclose.Β  The truth about my experience with this BB cream is that roughly ten minutes after trying it for the first time (which is an application last week before this photo shoot)Β  I developed a mild rash along my chin, lower cheeks, and jawline.Β  I was not stunned nor disgusted.Β  I was frustrated because the color of this product is super spot on if I wanted a fairer version of me for a certain evening look.Β  This BB cream shade was exactly what would work for me if I wanted to look fair yet still healthy.Β Β Β  The truth of the matter is I happen to be one of the most sensitive people on earth.

I carry antihistamine with me on a regular basis because I react and get allergic so easily to different things, which frustrates me and my curiosity about skincare and cosmetics sometimes.Β  That is actually why I hardly wear makeup during the week or I only choose to use blush, mascara, and lipstick.Β  I’m the girl who loves makeup but doesn’t wear a full-on look more than once or twice (if I do a blog feature) a week because I try and spare my skin the stress.Β  However when I do wear make-up, I like to have it on in the best possible way.Β  I try products on my hand first like in the earlier photos, but the skin on my face is really, really sacred and you never know when it’ll react differently.Β  In the end, it really depends on the person using it, I just read online that someone got allergies from Maybelline BB Cream, which I have reviewed and am not allergic to, and when she used this Purederm product she was happy to find that she wasn’t allergic to this.Β  So skin allergies to certain brands are really a case-to-case thing.Β  Please remember what I may be allergic to might be something okay for you.Β  When I shot these before and after photos, I knew I had like roughly ten or fifteen minutes before my skin would react, so I was still able to take them :).

There’s a bit of a shadow above because of my arm but I was definitely yellower here before I put on the BB cream.Β  You see my early pigment spots here and some blemish scars from my teens and my beloved moles.Β  There’s also a bit of redness above my upper lip.

I think there’s a huge difference between being fair and being pale.Β  I’m happy to say that in this shot I was right about the yellow tone of this BB cream helping it give a more natural fairness boost.Β  The cream has evened out my skintone in a very good way and even reduced the darkness under my eyes without the need for concealer.Β  Purederm Magic BB cream comes in a 50ml tube and should be available at your local Watson’s drugstore for around Php600.00 :).

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  • Yna

    My sensitive skin frustrates me too! I looove make-up but am allergic to most products (esp. blush, foundation, powder.) I can’t seem to convince my skin that the products i am using are “hypo-allergenic” or “specifically made for sensitive skin,” as the labels read. It’s not just make-up i’m allergic to. My skin also reacts to moisturizers, toners, sunblock, facial wash, etc. I’ve been using the same brand of facial wash (Noxzema Triple Clean) for the past 7 years and the big tube i am currently using is about to run out. Panic time! I asked my brother to buy some for me during his last trip to the U.S. but he said he couldn’t find it ANYWHERE. Apparently, it has been discontinued.. boohoo.. I desperately need to find a facial wash that won’t make my skin itch and break out. I think I’ve tried close to 10 products already since the time my brother came back empty-handed. No luck yet. The search continues and i hope it ends soon..

  • Marije

    hii, i was wondering what does your allergic reaction look like?? bit of a weird question i guess but i have a really sensitive skin as well and i got myself a bb cream (skin79 hot pink edition) and i have the same problem as you, i love it and the coverage is just right and its not as thick as my foundation.. but because i have red cheeks so easily i did want something to atleast cover that.. but i get the idea if i use my bb cream and leave it on quite long (like almost a whole day, at school etc).. when i remove it i see these very small red spots, theyre not iching or whatsoever, mainly also around my jawline, mouth and a bit under my eyes.. if i would be indeed allergic, will the reaction go worse if i keep using it everyday? or will it stay like this??.. otherwise ill just buy/try a different brand,, thinking of Dr. G Gowoonsesang.. i take very good care of my skin but my main problem just is that i get red so easily T^T.. so thats why bb cream is the perfect solution for me.. (i dont have a reaction like this when i use my clarins foundation, but its so thick for everyday usage).. sorry for the long email

  • Bless My Bag

    As long as you get a spotty reaction, that can’t be good at all πŸ˜› Your skin should feel and look better if it’s the right one for you…

  • Hi Julia! I have sensitive skin too. I use bb cream when I’m tamad to wear foundation, but I can’t wear it for 3 days straight otherwise I get a pimple or two. This has always with all the 4 bb creams I’ve tried so far πŸ™ So my go-to foundation is always Clinique.