MUJI Haul Pt.1: Lipstick – Rose Pink

At first I was dismayed, there was only one lipstick shade in Muji, Rose Pink, and it looked a tad too berry-ish for me though the texture looked gorgeous.  I took a chance while telling myself my part-Japanese lineage would ensure a great color match.

So I wore it, and then suddenly…step aside, Ladies!!

This happens to be my deeper “my-lips-but-better-shade”.  I put it on and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, a deep pink adjacent to my skintone that was utterly pretty.  Unknown to many, I have a slight issue with my lips being too full on naturally pink most of the time because their own color tends to overpower any lipstick I want to try (particularly lipsticks that aren’t full coverage).  Finally, I find a lipstick with strong, moisturizing coverage that enhances my own lipcolor.  The solid but moist texture is like that of Shu Uemura’s Rouge Unlimited lipstick (which I just finished down to the bottom) which isn’t high shine and leaves a healthy sheen of full color across your lips.  Muji’s lipstick is a win for the price.

It has a nifty little round mirror at the top of the cap (how kind of them sorry I didn’t show it in the photo).  I threw this in my bag the day I took this picture and I’ve used it everyday since and I’m wearing it right now.  I fancy this so much I find a reason to reapply during the day.  If you and I don’t have the same lipcolor please note that this may not be your match if you have a deeper skintone ,and there’s only one shade.  If, however, you happen to be a fair yellow toned gal like myself and people sometimes think you’re Korean or Japanese (that happened in college) this lipstick should be spot-on good on you.  I got this for about P525.00 at Muji.

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