Cream Silk invites me to meet face to face with…

Hiiiiii!!  Yesterday, I was invited by the manufacturers of Cream Silk conditioner (Unilever) along with fellow bloggers to a lavish, blushing afternoon feast at Lu Restaurant (South Joya Tower in Rockwell) to celebrate Cream Silk’s Empowered Filipina scholarship program.  The place was decked from top to bottom in vibrant fuschia pink as part of happy promotions for the pink Stand Out Straight variant endorsed by…wait a minute…

Who did Cream Silk want me to meet?  Have you guessed?

Here’s a MAJOR, MAJOR clue…oooh, haha, that was it!

I snapped my camera three steps away from the lovely, Venus Raj, the Philippines’ most recent finalist at the 2010 Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Venus is well-known for her beautiful, deep complexion.  Read my lips, people: “Dark Skin is IN”, and I don’t mean as a trend, I mean, like the doctor, like your homework, it’s “in” aiyt?  It’s there.  It’s been there since the very beginning.   It’s accepted and lovely and that should soooo not be a new idea and that’s not to say fair skin is not.  Has anyone noticed that no one’s ever given dogs, cats, birds, or horses as big a problem as we’ve given ourselves when it comes to color?  In some places it seems it’s taken centuries to embrace that.  At long last, my fellow islanders, have we finally accepted that looking beautifully dark and exotic is admirable?  Before I wipe this United Colors of Benetton logo off my face, I sure hope so.  The Regal Raj also lays clear claim on a humble persona, genuine warmth, shiny jet black hair, and that rainbow-casting smile.  Of course, towards the end of the event, I just had to have my picture taken with her.

Hey wait, let’s not get to the end too quickly!  We’ve only just begun (does not sing)!  Continue reading to see how an afternoon of food and freebies with her sweet and sunny vertical highness unfolded over at Lu’s!

I arrived early at Lu for the 4pm event, escaping a mob of angry raindrops chasing me from Fort to Rockwell.  I was saved by my tita who was in the area shortly after I put on make-up at a nearby salon.  I told you I really like that Muji lipstick in Rose Pink so here I am wearing it again.  No gloss.  On the eyes I used a Pixi mineral eyeshadow quad, neutral brown colors make a great smoky brown eye.  I finished my eyes with Elf cream eyeliner and Maybelline Turbo Waterproof mascara.

I  arrived early and stuffed, so yes, I hardly partook of the lavish feast I boasted about.  Shame really, I only had dessert, which was a fantastic Lemon Yoghurt Cheesecake (boo) yes, I know, I know (scratches head).  I was afraid to stuff myself because of my gastritis attack a few weeks ago.  I couldn’t dwell on food either when so much was going on around me.  After rubbing the pink from my eyes I spied fellow blogger PhoebeAnn with her early bird wings still flapping.

Hi, Phoebe!  Plus, I made more new blogger buds, Michelle of Mrs. Martinez Raves and Rants (below) and I don’t have a photo of Arj of The Beauty Bin!

Cream Silk invited us to Lu not only to meet Venus Raj but to introduce us to the existence of their Empowered Filipina Program which provides scholarships to deserving female college students enrolled in male-dominated courses like Engineering and Architecture.  They currently support 96 scholars in both PUP (Polytechnic University of the Philippines) and U.P. (Julia does a wave by herself) and 10 of these scholars have already graduated.  Some of the scholars supported by the program were invited to yesterday’s event to meet Venus.  What a treat for these young women! 🙂

Venus gives her full support for Cream Silk’s scholarship endeavor also because when she was young, life was harder financially and she was a scholar, too.  She persevered in her studies, maintaining top grades to be able to afford education.  She mentioned most of this during the open forum where we bloggers gleefully asked her some questions.  I almost fell off my seat in excitement.  My first question was, “Can you give these scholars 1 tip as a former scholar and 1 tip as a woman of beauty?”.  Her answer to the first question sparked some laughter “Answer 1: Mmm, masasabi ko lang sa ngayon (ENG: All I can say for now) para sa inyo habang nagaaral kayo (ENG: for you as you continue studying) wag muna yung mag-boyfriend ng mag-boyfriend (ENG: don’t concentrate on having one boyfriend after another).  Finish your education first and do your best…

…As for a tip on beauty,” she said turning to them  “…just be yourself and don’t worry if you’re not like someone else who you think is better.”  My second question was “What is one memory that stands out for you from the time you were a scholar like them?” and she turned to me as she answered directly…(which is exactly at the moment this photo was taken.)

“Nung bata ako isa lang uniporme ko para sa school (ENG: When I was young I only had one school uniform).  Naalala ko na araw-araw naglalaba nanay ko pagkauwi ko galing iskwela dahil kelangan malinis yung uniform ko para sa sunod na araw (ENG: I remember my mom washing that one uniform everyday in order for it to be ready for the next day of school).  Yun ang nagpakita sakin kung gano kaimportante ang pag-aaral at ang swerte niyo talaga na makakapag aral kayo na libre bilang iskolar (ENG: That was a way of showing me how important my education was and all of you (turns to scholars) are so fortunate to be able to study fully-supported as a scholar).

We were all touched by the warmth of Venus’ words of wisdom for the strong, talented young women presented to us.  The scholars beamed with pride and smiled back.  I also had the privilege of meeting Luis de Terry, the owner of Lu Restaurant, at the event.

The half-Spanish, half-Filipino son of the famous owner of Terry’s restaurant amused us with his surprisingly smooth short phrases and jokes in Tagalog and entertained us with tales of his local childhood.  When he welcomed us at the start and asked us personally what we’d like to drink it was a super suitable ice breaker prior to the program.  Wait, I know what you’re looking for, where’s the part where they bless us bloggers?  Right here!!  In fact there was a raffle for four winners and the prize was a pretty pink 9.0 MP Polaroid brand digital camera!  We were asked to draw envelopes and whichever envelope had a quote of empowerment inside would win a camera.  I didn’t win one but these girls, PhoebeAnn and Kim of TheBeautyAddict both my seatmates to my left and right won one apiece!!  I politely pretended to be happy for them LOL! I’m sure they were super grateful to Cream Silk for being so generous :).

I didn’t win a pink digital snapper, but I didn’t go home empty handed either :).  They sent me home with a giveaway bag filled with the entire Cream Silk conditioner range.

I’ve been using Cream Silk since I was a little girl.  My favorite variant is the Damage Control variant in dark blue which I remember for the longest time before as the one with coco sabila in the formula.  They’ve improved and renewed the formulas over the years but haven’t changed the part of the formula that truly works as it always has.  It makes my hair soft and healthy with every use.  I’ve made the round trip when it comes to conditioners but I frequently come back to my favorite Cream Silk one and nothing seems to perform quite like it.  I’m being super honest here, that Damage Control one really works wonders!

I love how they’ve retained the familiar scent of my favorite variant and I guarantee you if you’ve never tried Cream Silk, you should.  It may seem like just another step to do in the shower, but it really works and makes my hair soft, shiny, and bouncy.  I recommend that you quickly find out which of these Cream Silk conditioners will do the best for your hair :).  Cream Silk is available in its full size in almost all major local supermarkets and department stores and Cream silk sachets are available at most convenience and sari-sari stores nationwide.

As for meeting Venus, nothing touched me more that day.  It was wonderful to know that she is a wonderful person and an inspiration to young women already on their way to the top :).

(Note:  This article consists entirely of my observations, views, and opinions on the event and is in no way paid for by Cream Silk.  Products  and a press kit for proper reference were freely provided by the brand for review consideration.)

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  • Julz! I have missed your blog–and you! …trying to catch up now, looks like you’ve been good-busy!

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