NOTD: Estee Lauder Surreal Violet polish – discover its secret

I thought I’d only ever own this in my dreams.  A relative in the US who loves me dearly sent this to me.  From Estee Lauder’s Fall Collection, meet Surreal Violet.

At first sight, Estee Lauder’s Surreal Violet polish is an absolutely charming grey-ish, periwinkle-y, lavender and maybe for some of you, love for this one isn’t at first sight.  I took time, got to know this polish better, and fell fast, because you see, it has a secret.

Within Surreal Violet’s mute and elegantly cool shade swirls of beautiful gold shimmer make this polish what it is, a near sold-out favorite for fall in the high style world of the western hemisphere.  You’re probably wondering “But I don’t see the shimmer on your nails, what the point?” That’s what amazes me about this is its ability to keep its secret when applied until, you bring in the sun.  Here, look at these and you’ll understand.  This is how the polish initially looks like without direct daylight.

Now, here comes the sun.

BAM!  You catch Surreal Violet’s secret shimmer in different situations and it allows the shade to possess some sort of special depth, it doesn’t register as a simple opaque polish in the end.  I love how its shimmer isn’t too bling-y, its subtle elegance rates high in my book.  The fine shimmer particles usually shine in the presence of direct overhead artificial or natural light.  Sometimes though I can’t really tell when they decide to show or not, so you can imagine what a hard-to-get pain in the you-know-what it was to shoot this.  Application was done by Myrna, I brought this to the salon when I got a haircut.  Our place near the mountains was too moist and the formula got gloopy when I would try to apply it, I was thinking “oh no” but when I brought this to the dryly cooled salon in Makati, it applied like a dream Myrna said.  As much as possible, try not to apply foreign polishes in a really moist, humid area, it’ll make you think the polish is bad when it’s really just the tropical climate affecting the consistency.  Apply when you can in an airconditioned, dry room.

I attempted on different days to shoot this since I received this two weeks ago, and you know I love my natural light, so amidst my busy-ness it took awhile to get the perfect comparison shots.  There’s nothing like the light God shines on the world when it comes to photography.  Nothing comes close to the sun when it comes to you wanting to light your subject in a really divine way.  I think I blabbed a bit too much about a simple bottle of nail polish but I guess I was just too excited at the idea that a loved one sent this to me as a gift.  I wouldn’t have been as inspired to write had I bought this, so I am blessed in this case.  It retailed at a bank breaking(when it comes to polish) $18.00 from Nordstrom in the U.S.  I’m not too sure if this is available at our local Rustan’s Estee Lauder counters, since it may not have been as big a sensation here they might have some stock.  In this country, I’m aware and yes I believe the purchasing of a polish at this price borders on being a trivial pursuit.  Then again, you can always put it on your Christmas wish-list :).

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