MUJI Haul Pt.2: Loose Powder (Natural)

If you’re looking for a finely milled face powder that is 3x cheaper than Laura Mercier’s loose translucent setting powder (LM costs P1500+), look no further.

As the second part of my MUJI Haul, I present Muji’s Loose Powder in Natural.  There does happen to be a shimmery somewhat disturbingly sparkly Pearl variant, but I wouldn’t pay almost double (P800+?!) for something I’d hardly use, that one may be fun for parties but the price difference is too much for me.  This powder in the shade Natural cost around P495.00.  For the price, you get this product in a standard round mineral makeup pot with an amusingly soft powder puff on top.  Muji also sells the puff separately in case you happen to be a scatterbrain, God bless them :).

The inner part is like so, and you see the powder product already allowed to come through in a general manner by a team of holes.  They do come sealed off with a sticker for freshness upon purchase.

The powder comes in a medium, slightly yellow Asian shade which seems more colored than the Laura Mercier one, but it does go on a bit more translucent than color pigmented.  A close look at the powder reveals a super finely milled consistency similar to the Laura Mercier powder.  Plus believe me, I’ve tried this on and compared, you don’t feel a significant difference.  Both products are meant to help matte out the face to cancel oiliness and shine plus set your makeup or foundation after application.

I didn’t supply a facial picture anymore because the powder only mattes and sets your makeup, there’s not much to see in terms of coverage.  I’ll leave you with a tiny additional plus (addition nga plus pa!) I discovered in relation to this product.  The Muji loose powder puff, which is also sold separately at Muji, snugly fits into the Laura Mercier pot.  The LM pot is slightly, as in ever so slightly smaller than the Muji one but the puff will fit in a snug way, and you can close the top.  Ain’t that grand?

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