BlessMyBag’s Christmas Tag – A Wishlist for the World

This is my blog’s special Christmas tag, I’m going to see if I can get other bloggers in the loop by tagging some blogs and hoping they post their 10 wishes for the world, too :). Before I post a wishlist of my own, I thought I’d post my wishlist for the world. Have you ever made a wishlist for another person?  Let’s give that wishlist trend a special twist this holiday season. Here are my 10 wishes/ prayers for the world, if you’ve been tagged yours don’t have to be the same:

1. That every child finds a loving, Godly family.

2.  That parents make time for and talk to their kids.

3.  That children obey their parents.

4.  That people allow love and faith to overtake fear.

5.  That spouses love and stay together.  (By the way, Gru isn’t married, this is as close as he could get…)

6.  That everyone and every creature can have access to fresh food and water.

7.  That people focus on growing things that give instead of making things that take.

8.  That we all believe in the power of purity.

9.  That we all seek to know and love Jesus.

10. That we all become the person who God wants us to be.

For this first attempt at starting a Christmas tag on Wishlist for the World, I’d like to tag Lipglossiping, Jennifae, Kikay Runner, Nyx Martinez, Shen of Shen’s Addiction, and Phoebe of Phoebeann.  You girls are  invited to participate in posting your 10 wishes/prayers for the world :).

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