Elianto Baked Blush, multi-dimensional cheeks!

I haven’t gotten over it, and I don’t think I will anytime soon.

From Elianto’s ongoing 50% off sale, I picked up this baked blush in Pale Pink.  This shade is a lot less loud than what you would typically identify as a blush, but their baked blushes are special because they possess multi-dimensional color.  Because of that, if you usually tend to use a highlighter after applying blush to get that subtle glow, you won’t need to with this.

It looks multi-colored like this in the pan, but the overall payoff is super natural (supernatural?!)  and fresh.  A marbled trio of color, inclusive of a vein of highlight powder provides a sweet combination for that pretty subtle flush.  See it on me below.  The pop of color is actually more obvious in person than in photos.  Natural blush shades are always pretty tricky to photograph.

You can see though that my cheeks have that healthy glow like I got overcooked under the sun by a minute or two.  I like that the sheen doesn’t look greasy and it defines the apples of my cheeks.  These remind me a lot of MAC’s In the Groove Mineralize Skinfinish blushes, the ones that people kind of went crazy over recently, but the price difference speaks volumes.  At 50% off I got this blush for Php175.00.

If you get real close you can see that the powder is not chalky or grainy.

The last day of the Elianto 50% off SALE is today.  If you like the look of this better hurry and get it at half price! 🙂

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