Beauty Swap – UK Goodies from Lipglossiping

These English goodies flew from far across the sea, each one of them handpicked by Charlotte just for me :).  You should go and check out her blog at Lipglossiping.  I shan’t try to feature these in-depth all in one go, now.  For today, you have large glimpses of my first ever international product swap coming full circle, and I am genuinely touched.

She included a post card with the Eiffel tower on it (sorry I didn’t shoot the back) and wrote:

If you remember about 2 months ago I sent Charlotte some goodies from here, yes, from the Philippines and she suggested we make it a surprise swap.  She featured the goods I sent her and now I’m doing the same. Continue reading to have a closer look at what she sent me!

Sniff*  I shot close ups of my favorites from the lot below, which I will do individual reviews on for you of course 🙂  First in line,is the Urban Decay lipstick in a lovely sword tube.  I have the shade Wanted which is a rich burgundy, nice for Christmas.  You’ll see what it looks like when I write about it :).

Our first runner up is this lovely Illamasqua Pigment powder in the bright, golden shade “Marvel”.  Illamasqua is a British cosmetics brand similarly popular and loved as Urban Decay is in the U.S.  Urban Decay and Illamasqua both have beautifully packaged and edgy themed products that perform really, really well.

Third most loved is this amazingly smooth Stila Eye Kajal pencil in Topaz.  This is a flesh colored buttery pencil that I discovered glides strongly over the waterline of my eyes which is great for achieving a more “awake” look, and it is also surprisingly suitable for me as an underline concealer and highlighter.

Next are these two soft and beloved BarryM Dazzle Dusts which are loose pigments that remind me of Fyrinnae’s loose eyeshadow (I don’t think the brand name stands for Barry Manilow, LOL!).  They come in one lovely pink and one pretty taupe shade.

And last but not the least of the favorites from this lot is this shimmery taupe 17 budget eyeshadow from Boots drugstore in Nottingham, England (Hi, Robin Hood!)

She also sent me a lot of samples and other drugstore goods that I am more than just excited to try, a few scents, lippies and skincare, not for using all at once of course…

…and last but not least of course, Charlotte didn’t forget…

…my Christmas present.  I almost ripped this open amidst the frenzy of receiving her end of the swap, but hey I was a good girl.  Stay, Girl, stay!  It still hasn’t completely sunk in that the UK’s 3rd top beauty blogger gave me cool stuff, I still have magic sparkles on my hands from opening it up.

Have any of you ever received something from someone you’ve never met in person before? 🙂

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  • teenee

    omg! you got stuff from charlotte! i soooooooooo love her blog!!! 🙂

    these are really nice items she sent you.

    i saw the items u sent her as well. veryyy nice! 😀

  • Wow, ang dami! I used to swap stuff with LiveJournal friends from US. Tuwang-tuwa sila whenever they receive Asian goods. 😀

    While typing this, I’m also reading your Japan Hello Kitty Exfoliating Apple Gommage post. Gusto ko nun! I hope I’ll be able to find a store here in Shanghai na nagbebenta nun. ^__^

    Lee []