Japan Hello Kitty Exfoliating Apple Gommage (A what?!) by Rosette

Beware. Hold your breath. Too cute.

Ohayo, Ladies!  My overseas order of this tube of cuteness arrived two days ago and I was beside myself with joy.  My last tube of Jurlique exfoliating cream (which lasted me a whole year) had just run out to the very bottom and I wasn’t prepared for another hefty purchase from that brand just yet.  I was randomly surfing online and discovered this, an original Sanrio licensed product, Hello Kitty exfoliating Apple Gommage by Rosette.  It contains apple extract and alpha hydroxy acid to help keep your skin soft and smooth.  This is just a sticker label that came attached to the top of the tube.

So what’s a gommage?  Let’s read what’s at the back.

Hahaha, sorry!  Okay, so that wasn’t very helpful was it?  I cracked up when I saw the back.  They just had to put the question in English and answer in Japanese didn’t they?  In French “gommage” means “face scrub/facial scrub”  I researched online and it’s basically a mild exfoliating gel with Apple extract and AHA as I mentioned (it is so similar to the Amway Artistry renewing peel I was given).  Rosette is a skincare manufacturing brand in Japan and Sanrio gave them license to manufacture the Hello Kitty Skincare line which includes a collagen wash (pink) an acne clearing wash (blue) and a hyaluronic acid gel/cream (leftmost).  I purchased my Hello Kitty Apple Gommage from a seller in Taiwan.

Continue reading this post to see me demonstrate and use this product, after Hello Kitty does of course!

Hello Kitty demonstrates how to use it in proper “kawaii” form.  So this looks like “apply”, “rub”, and “sparkle” LOL!

Noting that this has AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) I don’t believe this is advisable to be used if you are on skin maintenance with other treatment products like glycolic creams, stuff with salycilic acid and other acids.  The product is laced with a mild, sweet apple scent.

I have yet to find a source that says it’s mild enough to use everyday, but with general exfoliating knowledge I wouldn’t.  Exfoliating products like this are usually recommended to use once a week or every other week.  If you have a Japanese friend, I’d recommend having them translate this for you entirely.  I’ll edit in a translation once I find one.  I researched online how people who have tried this use it and I tested in on a sensitive part of my arm before application.  I applied it on my face this morning after a previous evening of of thick makeup that I removed before sleeping.  I figured this would get the leftover makeup, dirt, and dead cells that needed to be removed.  First before application I dampened my face with water using a wet cotton pad to prep it for exfoliation.  I’m super sleepy here, sorry, it looks so dramatic hahaha!

As you apply it it begins to sort of coagulate, then you start rubbing gently.  Then it starts to gently peel away like what happens when you use an eraser.  The product rolls and twists into fiber-like pieces between your face and fingers.

Then after gently rubbing my entire face especially in corners of the mouth and nose, I simply rinsed it off with water.

My skin felt soft and squeaky clean.  It also felt moisturized but not overly so.

I purchased this online for about US $12.50, that would be about Php570.00 including shipping.  My face feels super clean and refreshed.  I’m happy I opted to go for this purchase since I needed a good, gentle exfoliating product.  Isn’t it super cute?!

Having a facial the Jurlique way
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  • richelle

    That is not how you use a gommage. you should have let it dry for 2 to 3 minutes then started rubbing your skin in a circular motion to flake off the gommage. do research.

  • richelle

    And BTW gommage in french means “to erase”

  • auchan

    i have one like this and the procedure in the back says that you apply this after washing your face with your facial wash
    dry your face and get a pea size amount of the gommage and massage in your face for 1 minute
    after that just wash your face with water until you have removed all the residues of the gommage
    dry your face, apply toner and then moisturize…

    you can also use this 2-3 times a week
    hope this comment helps…

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