Having a facial the Jurlique way

A few posts ago I announced that Jurlique skincare had 200 stress-free facials up for grabs.  Click here if you didn’t catch that freebie announcement, I believe there are still some slots available :).  Yesterday, I excitedly walked into their Greenbelt 5 outlet to claim my free facial :).

I presented my printout of the confirmation email with a smile then the Jurlique lady assigned to do my facial escorted me to a snugly prepared, dimly lit backroom.  I put aside my stuff, lay down, and sheepishly asked the staff if they could photograph me somewhat in the middle of the progressively lavish experience.  They kindly obliged.

The treatment sensibly began with makeup removal.  The lady gently slathered a cool and refreshing Balancing Cleansing Lotion all over my face avoiding the eye area.  After that she then diligently worked Jurlique’s gentle Eye Makeup Remover with a cotton bud around my eyelids particularly concentrating it at the lashline to remove my stubborn eyeliner.   Continue reading to see what products were used during my facial!

Don’t be fooled I’m not asleep here I was ready to throw an irritated stare if the staff person shot it with flash LOL!.

The process that followed makeup-removal was a careful blow-by-blow massage-in of several Jurlique products onto my face.  I kindly asked for a list of everything she applied and the order in which she applied them.  Here is that list:

1.  Chamomile Soothing Mist

2.  Balancing Cleansing Lotion – with Rosewood and Lavender

3.  Hydrating Essence – dropped in hand hot water and the warm moistend towelette is applied over the face

4. Refining Treatment Scrub

5.  Chamomile Soothing Mist (repeated)

6.  Facial Oil

7.  Balancing Cleansing Lotion – with Rosewood and Lavender (repeated)

8. Chamomile Soothing Mist (again?! why? I’m beyond soothed LOL!)

9.  Herbal Recovery Eye Gel (for dark circles)

10. Herbal Recovery Face Gel (for a stressed face)

11.  Soothing Day Care Lotion (with groomwell and Sichuan peppercorn)

12.  One of their Silk Finishing powders available in Lavender and Rose

Now, honestly, while the entire facial was an extremely relaxing and soothing experience, that list you see, my dears, is a truckload of high-end products and I actually could have done without the repeated steps considering that my face is sensitive.  During the Herbal Recovery Face Gel application I felt my lower left cheek and chin begin itching ever so slightly.  Several layers of product was beginning to overdo it and I signaled to the staff person that I was just about done.  She said she was almost through and sure enough she was after 1 or 2 more products.  I sat up and was not surprised to see small red patches along my chin and left cheek.  It wasn’t something new to deal with, so I simply asked the lady for a towel moistened with warm water to pat and soothe them.  The redness went away within 2 or 3 minutes and the rest of my face was gloriously clean and hydrated.  No trouble anymore in other areas, but to be safe and knowing my sensitive self I took a small tablet of antihistamine.  If you’re in for one of these free facials you may tell them that you have sensitive skin if you do.  You can mention that you don’t want any steps repeated and they can minimize the number of products used during the facial.

Overall Jurlique gave me exactly what I needed, a luxury-filled cleansing experience complete with aromatherapy.  All the products they used smelled so invigoratingly inviting and fresh, none of them were heady in the sense that you might gag with nausea.  It isn’t a secret that Jurlique will have hardly any mercy on your wallet.  The brand is bloody expensive, “dahlins”, but their products I must say are among the best (especially their foaming cleansers and nutty daily exfoliating cream, I repurchase the Exfoliating cream annually) and for me when it comes to personal care, naturally botanical is the best way to go.

My 2010 Christmas Wishlist 🙂
Japan Hello Kitty Exfoliating Apple Gommage (A what?!) by Rosette