My 2010 Christmas Wishlist :)

This is a simple Christmas Wishlist just because you just might be curious and this will let you in on a little more of my personality.  Just so you know this isn’t tons of makeup and it isn’t a really long list :).  I know what I like.

1. No not the camera, have that already, I’d like this travel-savvy leather case for my Canon S90, this is also suitable for the S95 if you have that :).  Why this? I’d like to look like a vintage tourist.  Continue Reading to see the rest of my wishlist, it’s fun filled and I think you just might copy paste one or two photos after reading it haha!  It’d be boring if I’d just posted one or two things huh?

When somebody loves her…

…that means she’s mine!

2.  This number is a talking, perky film replica of me, HAHA!  Of course if I’m getting Jessie, I’d like her to have a ride.

I love the Toy Story movies and I’d like to have the whole gang or at least for now some of them on my bed 🙂  I’ll consider the following photos below as a whole part of #2 on my list, any of these would make me squeal!  Jessie wouldn’t be complete without her Spanish speaking boyfriend and his best friend, right?  Click on the photos to be taken to the Thinkway site 🙂

I wouldn’t mind having this villain, he just needs more love and more strawberry-filled sniffin’. 🙂

These toys all come with a Film Replica certificate of authenticity with John Lasseter’s signature.

They are all manufactured by Thinkway and licensed by Pixar, why Thinkway?  Thinkway toys are crafted and digitally programmed to the highest technological standards for different movie accurate play actions to make your personal Toy Story experience more authentic.

You could look straight into these dolls’ eyes and they look exactly as they do and are the exact size as portrayed in the Toy Story movies.

You can hug, squeeze them and play with them.  They are meant to be played with the way Andy did and not just standing around like collectibles.  They are sold worldwide but a lot of them are harder to find when you’re outside of the U.S.  Ok, ok!  Enough about these guys, let’s move on…of course, now we’re moving onto the beauty stuff :).

3.  Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer – this highly acclaimed concealer is said to be the perfect creamy combination of a dark and light shade which is very handy for working makeup artists or women who just want to conceal dark circles and uneven patches with ease.

4.  I think all make-up mad women want this.  Urban Decay practically had them falling over the edge of their seats when this was released.  The Naked palette bloomed into  an epidemic I tell you, crazy really.  I get it though because the colors are very neutral, wearable and the palette is slim enough to fit in your purse.  This Urban Decay NAKED palette continues to sell out even though they’ve been assured repeatedly that this is a permanent item on the site.  Rest assured, there is a way to get this not just direct from their site.  It’s also available at Sephora, you just have to be one of those blessed ones who happens to stroll by Sephora when they’ve just restocked.  My friend’s husband got her one while he was in the U.S. so it isn’t entirely impossible to own one.  Now last, but not the least.

5.  I’ve never really super liked a high-end fragrance before.  I found most of them too complex, nauseating, mature, and heavy for my ol’ factory senses.  I wanted something simple, fresh, and light but memorable and lingering as well.  My friend Noelle, the Kikay Runner received Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Toilette as a birthday present last July and she made me smell it and I haven’t forgotten it since.  It also spiked my interest that Sofia Coppola said a few years ago that this was her signature scent, and I love Sofia Coppola.  Her simplicity, intelligence, her dad (LOL!), and laid back but sophisticated fashion sense attracts me (no, no, not that way LOL).  I’d be happy to own the Eau De Toilette or Parfum.  It doesn’t really matter.  I don’t even care if it’s just a teeny, tiny bottle.

That ends my short Christmas list! 🙂  I think it’s better to post a short list with a few things you really like that you can passionately write about instead of one long one you’re trying too hard to fill up.

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