Bless My Eyebags…

I’m sorry if there hasn’t been a bundle of posts this week, I have a lot of upcoming content and photos, I just havent had a moment’s peace to sit and write freely this week.  There’s also the fresh brewed possibility of a BlessMyBag KrisKringle giveaway, but in the event of that I might have to send the loot in Jauary.  How’d would you like to be randomly drawn from the hat as BlessMyBag’s very own Christmas baby?!  Anyone who’d like that say Aye! Hehe.   The holiday season has become really hectic.  My boyfriend and I arrived at my house this morning at 430am from my last Christmas party with my current company Underground Logic where I’m turning in my years as a visual effects and animation artist and now this afternoon he’s bringing me again to another smaller and simpler Christmas gathering with my “family” from the Living Asia Channel crew.  When this holiday season is over you girls can treat me to a truckload of these.

UK Swap Haul Pt.1- BarryM Dazzle Dust
My 2010 Christmas Wishlist πŸ™‚