UK Swap Haul Pt.1- BarryM Dazzle Dust

At long last a makeup post!  I hear a chain of sighs from those of you who’ve waited for one (i’m hoping there’s more than a handful of you).  Thanks for the patience.  Let’s begin the round up of my UK Blogger Bud Charlotte’s goodies from our swap with the delightfully pretty BarryM Dazzle Dust pots!  The pot measured in diameter is only about an inch.

The pots came holding two colors, #25 Old Gold a shimmery gold-ey taupe and #3 Pink Gold, a gold infused candy pink shade.   These eyeshadows are loose pigment which may turn some of you off if you like applying makeup with ease, but hey you know these aren’t too messy to work with.  I like applying them with an impeccably clean finger (as Julia Child would say) which is easier for me when it comes to blending.  See how unbelievably soft these shadows are?  I dipped my finger into the pot hardly feeling anything and when I peeped, oho!  There was my fingerprint!  Talk about finely milled powder!

It looks like that scene in Jurassic Park where they showed the top view of the raptor excavation.  I could order a hundred or more pots, combine them and stick my face in without breathing to make an exact mold of me, that’s how soft this pigment is.  Here are some swatches, but here I’m showing the leftover pigment rubbed off from my fingers.  That’s how much payoff you really get from these, can you see how they glisten?  I have identical shades in the “Contemporary” palette by 4u2. Continue reading to see me try these pretty powders on :).

Now, here are the offensively close shots of DazzleDust on my eyelids.  You start with like one ridiculously light pat of the powder on your lid, like so.  See that gorgeous payoff?

Then I lightly smeared and blended it across the lid with my finger.  Away from daylight, this is what Old Gold looks like.

You do get a bit of fallout with these, I believe the scattering is minimal if you use a finger as opposed to using a brush.  I’d recommend applying a cream eyeshadow in a similar shade or primer to your lid prior to applying loose shadow in order to lessen fallout.  Here I applied Dazzle Dust directly onto my bare lids.  Now, apply direct sunlight.  Tada! Magic!

Let’s have another round of that with Pink Gold.  Pink Gold isn’t as impressive without direct sunlight so I’m only including two photos.

It’s pretty but Pink Gold is somewhat chalky.  If you look again when it’s not blended it kind of looks like a pixie threw up on my eyelid.  This looks really pretty though when blended out with other colors.  Here comes the sun, and suddenly Pink Gold is a beauty.

What else can I say about BarryM Dazzle Dust?  I want more colors!!  Here on the website I’ve got my eye on the new shades Burgundy Noir and Bright Indigo and other shades like Petrol Black, Mushroom, Winterberry, Emerald, Khaki, Fig and Fawn :).  They cost about 5 English pounds each without shipping which is about Php300.00.  If you have a friend in the UK who just might be coming home for a visit, ask them to bring home one or two for you :).  They’re available at Boots and Superdrug which are the UK Pharmacy Counterparts of our very own Mercury Drug or Watsons.

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