Faces in Spring 2011 – The looks of the labels

I hopped around online like the March hare in anticipation of Spring and selected a few of my favorite looks that were suggested by the luxe clothing labels.  What were the various fashion creative directors juicing out for next year’s Spring face?  I found a few photos that suggested pops of color in various ways.  Photo credits from Style.com, MultipleFashionDisorder blog, intothegloss.com, and others which I’ll list at the bottom later :).


Karl Lagerfeld suggested that next spring’s look and locks be bright and graphic for this Italian house of style.  Bright lips, classic eyes, and voluminous blunt cuts accentuate the models faces pulling them straight out of winter’s death breath.


Bright lips aren’t uncommon in Spring obviously especially for Marc Jacobs.  Color on the lips can tend to be much less subtle yet still entirely wearable if you keep everything else to a bear minimum and smokey eyes after fall aren’t dead after all if you’re working with shades of green!  The hair was said to be inspired in part by Vogue’s Creative Director Grace Coddington (who you can get to know more in the September Issue documentary).  Her creative identity is strongly highlighted by her naturally big and stormy hair.  Orange, Fuschia, and Coral lips will be big next year.  Well, that’s according to them, I say do you what you feel like, really!

Samantha Adler, www.samanthaadler.com

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For those who shy away from color, chin up!  There are some who will still remain beautifully subtle for Spring.  That’s not surprising of the label Chloe which is known for its neutral and muted hues.  Earthy warm color is pumped up ever so slightly along the cheekbones and blended out gently in the hollows of the eyes.  There is one facial requirement that will always remain unanimous for Spring though for ANY label, and that is flawless, glowing, seemingly rebirthed skin.


For Karl’s powerhouse of a label, the look for Spring is anything but mild.  Like I said smokey eyes paired with fresh juicy lips will still be on the runway long after the holidays are gone, well that’s what Chanel is telling us.  A strong, bold pencil stroke of genius along the parting of hair suggests that the label is keeping in line with its creative director’s intensely graphic mood for Spring.


What would spring be like without John Galliano’s influence?  Absolutely boring!  Dior’s very vintage look for spring brings on BOTH bright screaming eyes and raving pin-up coral lips.


I saved my favorite label look for last.  Derek Lam’s playful Spring makeup has stolen my heart in a nanosecond!  The Lam glam look is more about whispers and wisps of color around the eyes, delicately finished skin, and natural lips.  I love the play of white above the eyes it makes it absolutely modern, artsy, and chic.  I could definitely wear this look next year :).

Which spring 2011 look has caught your eye?  Whether I included it in this lineup or not?

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