Maybelline 2-in-1 Impact Shadow Pencils – Easy Breezy lining

I didn’t think we had pencils this creamy and good that weren’t super expensive.  Maybelline did a good job with these!  As you can see here I could hardly wait to use them so the black isn’t sharp.

They retail at P350.00 but because of the ongoing Maybelline Holiday sale up to December 15 I got these Maybelline Impact Shadow Pencils for P250.00 each at SM Makati, the Watsons beauty area!  I got the black, purple and white shades.

They’re supposedly longwearing enough to be eyeliners but creamy enough to go on as shadow bases or eyeshadow?  Hmm, that puts them right alongside NYX Jumbo eye pencils in terms of product niche (which I still have to source and try).  Let’s swatch these right here, right now! These are about 3 light swipes each.

The purple is more of an eggplant purple than a blue violet and I love it to pieces coz that means it matches Asian yellow skintones really well.  They’re not as long wearing as the MUFE (Make Up For Ever) aqua liners but they glide on so much easier and unlike those don’t drag before giving payoff at all.  I put on the purple for you guys lining my whole eye plus the waterlines (inner eye area near the lashes).  There’s also another photo with my eyes closed showing how easy it is to get a sleek pencil line along the lid.  When applying along the waterline it’s best to lessen the moisture first along that area by dabbing a tissue gently there before penciling it in.

Waterlines with tears on them will just have them pencils leaving a pasty creamy mess along the lash line especially the white one, dry the waterline with tissue as much as you can prior to penciling them in.  I like that the purple is something less stark to wear in the daytime than a full on black liner, but the black one is also so very usable.  See my fashionable zit below? HAHA!

I’m wearing nothing else on my face except these eye liners.  You can see what a great solid purple line it gave me.  It didn’t hurt because there was no drag and yet I got a good pop of color.  I also did a quick test of this as an “eyeshadow” or lid base. Continue reading to know more!

You have to be quick at blending this in with your finger because once the long-lasting color sets it’s not blendable at all.

I wouldn’t say this goes on evenly enough to work alone as a gorgeous eyeshadow but they would make a very good eyeshadow base or even better give you the perfect smudged line.  This purple shade would be great as a base beneath a similarly dark eyeshadow.  If I’m not mistaken the other colors are blue, green, brown, silver/gunmetal?  I’m not sure if there was a gold one.  Now brace yourself or hide from the model-esque concluding photo.

If you happen to be a person who doesn’t like fussing with brushes, eye shadow, eyeliner, foundation, concealer, mascara and the whole shebang all together you need this product.  It transforms in an instant.  On my face I have nothing on except the Maybelline Impact shadow pencil in purple.  Add concealer, filled in brows and gloss then I’d be decent enough for a party!  Like Maybelline Philippines on Facebook here to stay updated on product releases and sudden sales, contests, and giveaways!

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    What do you mean? I sharpen them…they’re pencils, you mean they won’t write?

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    Hi Julia! 🙂 Ronah here, your church mate. 🙂 These are nice especially the one you put on. I’ll these out. Loving your blog.

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