Laura Mercier + Chanel 2011 Spring makeup collections are lookin’ WOW…

I saw these and just HAD to share…HAD to tell you and HAD to show you, coz you don’t understand, you just don’t understand, or maybe you do!  I was updated via British Beauty Blogger and Karla Sugar.  Click on the photos (which are direct image links from their posts on the collections) to get the collection details straight from them.  I wouldn’t dare take the glory, those two are constantly in-the-know before almost anybody else!  To me it isn’t just about these collections being by these brands, it’s the beautiful selection of colors they put together, the palettes, man, they’re absolutely stunning!  W-I-N.


Silk Road Collection

…and that’s not enough is it?  Chanel had to do it, too…


Les Perles de Chanel Collection

Don’t touch that screen!  That’s my palette, mine!   What pretty strips of color that palette has!  Spring 2011 is looking lush and deep :).

FOTD - High and Low Mix: Chanel + E.l.f. + Elianto
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  • donna

    Wow indeed! I love Laura Mercier !