Rexona 48 Hour Clinical Protection & No Sweat Shopping!

Last week the good folks over at Rexona sent me a blogger invite and surprising prep kit.

I was officially invited to participate in the Rexona No Sweat Shopping challenge at Tiendesitas which was held yesterday!  Prior to the event they supplied me with their new product Rexona Clinical Protection for women along with the invitation.  This newly released deodorant guarantees 48-hour dryness and odor protection even for those who suffer from excessive sweat.

The product comes sealed even beneath the cap, which is always a good thing.  The new Rexona Clinical formula boasts moisture encapsulated fragrance particles that gradually release that clean, fresh smell while moisturizing your underarm area gently.  This deodorant, they say, is best applied at night before sleeping as the advanced formula adapts to your body’s chemistry and builds up a protective layer as you sleep.

The product comes out as a solid to cream formula released by the applicator after initial twisting at the bottom.  When brand new it does seem to take a lot of twists before product comes out at the top.  For a moment I thought my applicator was broken but eventually after more than 10 twists the product reached the top.

You only need that much for 48-hours of underam protection.  I was instructed via the Rexona invitation to apply product the day before the event and NOT reapply on the day itself even after my morning bath, and 48-hour clinical protection is a HUGE breakthrough.  So I wore it the day before, slept, bathed the next morning and…

Ha! You know I’m BIG on clinical protection (crickets)!  That’s a dummy deo.  I arrived early at Max’s Restaurant Tiendesitas…apparently WAY TOO EARLY.

I was there at 3:30 pm and the event was scheduled for 5 PM so I decided to have a look around and do some advanced shoppin’ scouting before the other bloggers arrived.

Continue reading to see how fun being with other bloggers and shopping for free was!

While reviewing the shopping area I spotted the Tiendesita dogs among the oh-so-many dog and pet shops within the shopping district, I’m happy to announce that a lot of them will find new homes now that it’s the Christmas season.  I was informed by a store owner that a good number of them were reserved already.  These dogs for sale are reportedly not from puppy mills and are bred by enthusiastic breeders from well-kept locations, so if you’re interested in finding a loving, furry companion I do recommend you have a look around Tiendesitas. They also have a truckload of pet supply and FASHION stores!

I didn’t notice any neglected animals whilst I was there.  If they were suffering from any minute thing it would have been the heat and humidity but there were active staff working round the clock to keep their livestock (well, that’s what they are really) happy, well-fed, aired (lots of fans around the area) and well hydrated. I also chanced upon a store lady who was having some quiet time with her nails…

You’re never way past the moments for a bit of nail glam.  Tita Au, as she asked me to call her, was taking her sweet time and I surprised her when I asked for another photo.  She refused saying her hands weren’t photo-worthy but I said otherwise and she yielded.

The second early bird to arrive was “Mommy” Kim of TheBeautyAddict blog.  I’m sorry I couldn’t keep track of all the names of the bloggers, I only remembered a few of them, the ones I’ve seen more than once.  I shall try to get their names and edit the ones I don’t know in.

Shen of Shen’s Addiction also arrived shortly after Mommy Kim.

followed by Phoebe of Phoebeann and Brigitte of IamBrigitte and OTHERS…I’M SO SORRY 🙁


I’M SO BAD WITH NAMES THE FIRST TIME AROUND.  I was tense and too focused on the shopping challenge especially when they said the challenge was timed everything else left my mind.  I’m pretty allergic to activities and contests that are on-the-spot timed, I’ll do them but super parang bunjee jump yun for me, it’s either I give my all or none at all.  If you tell me the next thing I’m about to do is timed I get transported to another dimension, I think even forget my name for a few seconds.  The UNILEVER facilitators quickly briefed us on the shopping challenge.

After quick drinks and awesome Max’s lumpiang Shanghai (I kid you not, I must’ve eaten 8 pieces) they announced that they’d be giving us P1500 in cash each to shop for gifts for friends, family, and colleagues.  They also provided a grey (super jabar-prone) Rexona shirt and shopping bag for the challenge.  Then they said we had 30 minutes.

…then I was back, smelling great, plus…

… I WON!!!  The spoils of the day for winning were Php 3000.00 worth of SM shopping Gift Certificates,

…everything we shopped for and…

…another product pack of the Rexona Clinical Protection deodorant including the variant for guys!  God is so, so good.  I didn’t expect to win but I think I overshot my shopping time because of how much I loathe timed challenges so I just needed to get it over with in an instant.  I managed to take home a lot of good bargains, I rushed but I didn’t just grab anything without thinking who I’d give it to either, I was still counting and balancing between the number of gifts for girls and the ones for guys.  The other bloggers had fun sharing and presenting the different things that we shopped for and laughing about it together.  Thanks to Rexona I got a big bulk of my Christmas shopping done in thirty minutes and I came home with more than I could’ve asked for :).  Rexona Clinical Protection retails at Php330.00 (remember that its recommended use is every other day) and is currently available at select Mercury Drug and Watsons branches.

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  • Esquire

    Haha, jabar. UP ka talaga

  • yowhan

    Yey for winning Julia!super like your picture with the dummy deo!:))

  • Congrats Julia! You’re so good at shopping haha. The other bloggers were Rowena, Lace and Earth

  • donna

    And so did the product win too by keeping you dry all day and up to 48 hrs?

    Nice loot!

  • Micah

    hello po! meron ba sa watsons sa davao? or can i order the deodo from you? reply at my email. thanks

  • anne

    Where to buy rexona clinical protection here in the philippines?