NOTD: Bobbie Premium Nail Creme in “Weng-Weng” – My “favoritest” cheap polish!

A stormy blue has stolen my heart.  I thought I’d envied MAC’s Mean & Green, but this little polish can say “Move over, Butter London All Hail McQueen“!   We’ve got our own holographic Filipino polish that steals the scene, but this just might be the first time it takes the limelight!  Bobbie’s Premium Nail Creme in “Weng-Weng” might have been ignored for so long sitting plainly along the many shelves of cheap polishes, but not today, definitely, not today.  Rock chicks, prepare to scream.

Who would’ve thought and who would believe that I’d actually find something that costs just under Php30.00 that can compete with runway worthy polishes in terms of sophisticated complexity?  Mom said the shade was like a shimmery granite blue.

I like that it’s less neutral and more edgy than All Hail McQueen and that its holographic sparkle isn’t as much a secret as that of Estee Lauder’s Surreal Violet.  There’s a Grand Canyon of a difference between a polish with chunky glitter, a polish with regular shimmer, and a polish with holographic shimmer.  Holographic shimmer like that of this and All Hail McQueen is so much NEWER, more refined, and sophisticated to look at…and Bobbie’s “Weng-Weng” has a few tricks up its sleeve.  When daylight or any direct light hits this polish…

…the holographic shimmer takes on a subtle rainbow tinge and the sparkles erupt in an array of different colors, similar to the effect of MAC’s Venomous Villains’ polish Mean & Green.  The color goes on sheer but is beautifully opaque after three coats AND Bobbie’s no fail smooth, dreamy formula is so easy to apply without mistakes.  Application is a win even for the most inexperienced of hands.  Have a closer look!

Some of you might think “…but I’m not into blue polish…”.  Believe me this stormy, muted slate/granite blue just might be a good first candidate to try if you want to step out with a bit of edge.

What do you think of this polish?  Do you think I’ve somewhat fallen over the edge or do we have a mutual understanding on the subject?  LOL!

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  • esquire

    i’ve always loved bobbie’s holographic polishes. my fave is margarita (?) the pale pink one that’s buildable as well. just might try this one too

  • I love how it’s called “Weng-Weng”!! Do they still sell these?

  • Bless My Bag

    Hehe, I just bought it at Landmark! 🙂 It should be available anywhere Bobbie polishes are sold which is like nationwide in most pharmacies and beauty departments in major malls. They’re also slightly cheaper at the URC (Universal Robina Corp.) outlet store at their building mismo, which is their mother company 🙂

  • Bobbie polishes are BOMB ^_^ love them hun

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  • I finally got a haul of 20 Bobbie nail polishes from my friend in the Philippines and of course the first one I put on was Weng Weng!!!

  • My long time favorite and go-to polish, weng weng. I like wearing this with short nails.

  • Ooh, this color is gorgeous! Will definitely look for this next time I drop by Watson’s. =)

  • kim

    wow, parang china glaze 🙂

  • lei

    i am back reading on your blog, and this color was really nice! I never thought bobbie had a color as nice as this! i super love your ring, (the one with a leaf like thing) where can i find one? =)