Style Snippet – Betty and Veronica

I’ve decided to randomly post surprise style snippets because style increasingly inspires me almost as much as facial beauty does!  I’m as girl-y and artsy as they get but I wouldn’t say I’m thoroughly impractical.  I like cute stuff.  Who doesn’t?  I grew up in the company of two girls in high school and I loved how their stories were simple, funny, and easy to relate to.

I remember after lunch on weekends when I was about eight or nine years old, Mom and  I would go out to the bookstore and I’d have my juicy pick of Nancy Drew and Archie Comics.  Betty and Veronica were a stereotypical teenage pair in the world of Archie, a simple and idealistic girl-next-door hangs out with a spoiled-rich, boy-crazy fashionista and they happen to be the best of “frenemies” in love with the same boy.  A lot of the time they’d hit snags style-wise.

I used to take my afternoon nap by reading the books I bought and dozing off on them beside my mom.  What caught my eye online isn’t new, but it made me smile.  This is an image link to the blog I found this photo on.

Betty and Veronica wedges!  They’re not new, I know because this blog post is dated 2006, but stumbling upon this while surfing made me smile :).

Bobbi Brown Spring 2011! - Peony & Python palette
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