L’oreal Dermo-Expertise Skincare – Our Dynamic Duo

It’s not a secret that the best way to combat bad skin, bar none, is health maintenance.  Our unique case is that, in spite of our lack in the areas of fitness and sleep especially, Mom and I have been blessed with healthy skin and zero breakouts.  Mom is in her early 50s and I’m in my super late 20s…yea, alright, alright, fine…I’ll spill it, I’ll be 30 in two years.  Here we are at a slightly humid venue for my brother’s soccer practice.

Truthfully, Mom and I are wearing a super lightweight foundation here in 2 different shades (Yes, yes, hush…soon to be featured) and the L’oreal UV perfect suncreen beneath it,
but the coverage of that foundation is quite lightweight, so in this photo it simply evens out our complexion but still lets skin’s true luminosity show off.  The hint of foundation is dismissed,  good skin still reigns.

Don’t be like us though…hahaha!  Mom and I haven’t exactly been in tune physically due to long nights at work and long trips going home, but hindsight is we both don’t smoke at all or drink excessively, that’s a personal choice, and we eat and drink a lot of vegetables and fruits, and I mean A LOT, we crave for that.  However, that’s not to say our faces look the way they do without a bit of proper, derma-recommended skincare.  Yes, the L’oreal Dermo-Expertise skincare line was prescribed and highly recommended for our sensitive skin by our dermatologist at Asian Hospital, Alabang.  Mom and I have been using the UV perfect sunscreen for about four years now to prevent sun damage and premature aging.

The product that was directly prescribed by our dermatologist to protect skin and prevent premature sun spotting is our L’oreal long-lasting UV Perfect protector on the right. The L’oreal Gentle cleansing milk on the left is my new favorite “HOLY GRAIL” skin cleanser and moisturizer in one which I got free at SM Watsons with my Gift certificates from my Rexona challenge win :).  The timing for that free shopping spree for a cleansing milk was perfect since I’d run out of facial cleanser (note I do NOT recommend cleaning oils and cleansing milks for oily skin, only normal combination and normal to dry).  Mom’s L’oreal cleansing milk is the Dermo-Expertise Age Perfect one with anti-oxidants and Vitamin C that’s not available locally, it’s this one…

…but the funny story is that her imported Dermo-Expertise Age Perfect milk for mature skin is what led me to get L’oreal’s Gentle one which is the version for younger skin.  So, the story goes, I run out of facial cleanser and head over to mom’s bathroom (cheeky) and slather her gentle Age Perfect cleansing milk on my face after removing my makeup with another L’oreal love (next time 🙂 ).  I massaged the milk, or essentially cleansing lotion in then wiped it off with a damp-to-wet cotton pad.  I actually have dry itchy patches that usually if not always become white head breakouts by my mouth and chin.  These are the usual facial flaws I’ve learned to live with, but then that all changed when I woke up the next morning.  I could HARDLY believe what I was feeling.  My face had absorbed mom’s anti-oxidant rich cleansing milk and 1. It wasn’t sticky 2. My face felt like a newly bathed baby’s butt 3. My pores were relaxed and the skin surface was super soft, smooth, and hydrated!  All that was missing in that moment was the church organ, the robust Gospel choir belting “healed! healed!”, and doves bursting forth from the rafters.  Within the next few days I found the time to head over to SM Makati and inquire about the cleansing milk and I came home, not with the Age Perfect one, but with this Gentle variant that works for me and gives me the EXACT same results.  This Gentle cleansing milk cost P395.00 with SM’s 10% off discount.

For the purists and vegans out there, I completely respect you.  If you’re not into products that contain even the slightest hint of mineral oil, parabens, lanolin oil etc, this isn’t for you then, but it does have shea butter, I’ll give it that at least.   Shea butter is a popular organic, natural moisturizer used in a lot of organic and vegan skincare products.

You can’t pull me off of this product that easily because frankly, it just makes my skin feel and look fantastic without giving me rashes AND THAT IS RARE so you can’t take that away from me.  This cleansing milk really, REALLY works for me. Continue reading to know more about these skincare products mom and I use on a daily basis!

I squirt this much onto my hand, before it moved it was about the size of a 5-peso coin, and massage and spread it all over my face, then I get a damp cotton pad and wipe it off twice, you can opt to rinse and tissue off if you feel more comfortable that way, but I prefer to let my face absorb the product without rinsing overnight.  The Gentle variant doesn’t have the level of antioxidants that the Age Perfect one has, but it is enriched with lipo-proteins and does what it says, it reinforces my skin’s natural protective layer and so it  “Protects your skin’s natural moisture level leaving it soft and supple.”  So sorry, um, I just repeated what previous photo was showing you.  Enough said, it’s an unbelievable winner, for me anyway, now on to the HOLY GRAIL suncreen!

There’s not much to say except you can use this at the beach just as much as you can use it normally in a daily routine.

Its SPF 50 against UVA and UVB rays will keep your facial skin protected.  Yes, you need protection for both, I don’t have the nerdy facts about UVA and UVB with me at the moment, all I know is we need to combat UVA and UVB for proper sun protection.  Plus, it has an advanced anti-oxidant formula that protects skins elasticity from breaking down due to free radicals.  Mom has the Transparent Skin variant which is colorless and mine is the Even complexion variant which kind of works like a tinted moisturizer.

Over about a year ago some of my girlfriends asked me what product it is that I keep in my skincare routine as much as possible even on days when I don’t wear makeup.  I told them about the UV perfect sunscreen lotion and a few of them went out to look and couldn’t find it here that time.  When they were in Thailand, one of them spotted it and said “Ayun! Yun yung sinasabi ni Julia” and they got one each.   This is available locally, SM Makati’s Watsons surely has some.  Sadly, the shade variant I used to use, the “Anti-Dullness” one has been phased out locally, this Even Complexion one I still like though.  The only con is it’s a bit tacky or slightly sticky, the way sunblock is, but not as much as that.  What I do is I apply loose translucent powder over it so it mattes it out.  Sorry, I do have to run, but I hope you enjoyed my spilling the beans on the skincare me and my mom use and love.  Perhaps if you have sensitive normal combination skin or dry skin you could give these a try :).  The UV Perfect sunscreen lotion cost me about Php500 because L’oreal is still having their holiday sale!  Normally, this costs about Php800+.  Let me know if you do decide to try it!

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    eek. you really did post my saturday face “no-face” pic! ok ok. my face in the service of daughter’s blog content. o sha <3

  • Charlotte

    Your mother has beautiful, BEAUTIFUL skin! That is such a precious photo of you both x