AVON Supershock Eyeliner – The pencil that beat them all…including MUFE

I first heard about Avon’s Luxe Lace Holiday collection on Charlotte’s blog here and here and she was beside herself with glee after having done a hefty brand comparison for the Avon Supershock eyeliner, even versus MUFE’s Aqua Eyes.  Then the Pixiwoo sisters (pro UK makeup artists with 7 years each at MAC up their sleeve) couldn’t stop exploding with praise about how black and long lasting the black one was, go to the middle of the video if you happen to click on the links in bold.  On top of its prize performance as a pencil, what came as a “supershock” to us all was the price, they are normally priced at the equivalent of about P400.00 or 6 British pounds, and recently in the UK they were on sale for half of that.  So as stand-offish as it is at times in the beauty buzz, AVON produces a winner!  I thought of course,  after all that good raving, I just had to make a way…

The black one with the pink lace design is from Avon’s Luxe Lace holiday collection,  I bid for it online from a UK seller.  As you can tell from the dull tips, I just couldn’t wait to use them.  These gel-eyeliner pencils are the equivalent of a cream/gel eyeliner solidified and converted into stick form, which is why they glide onto the eyelid so easily and set quickly for a long lasting finish.

The way these pencils beat the Make Up For Ever aqua pencils is in the area of color vibrancy upon application.  Make Up For Ever’s aqua pencils are definitely long lasting but you have to apply pressure and several strokes to get strong solid color out of it.  On the eyelid that can sometimes hurt.  I’m not proud to say that I got into a bidding war and paid practically double for the black pencil because of how excited I was to own it.  Exercise self-control, don’t be like me in that instance.

A lot of the industry’s best eye pencils (even the NYX ones sold in the U.S., check the label!) are made in Germany.  I did before and after rubbing swatches.

They stick and set almost as quick as lightning…there is a smear but only from a crumb of product from the swatch edge, other than that, the swatches didn’t move.  They’re still on my hand right now as I type this five hours later.  You can check out Charlotte’s comparison versus other brands here.  As for the gunmetal silver and bronze pencils, I sourced them from the U.S. at very cheap prices, they arrived together, then the black one arrived shortly after from the U.K.

I don’t think these Supershock pencils are available at our local Avon counters,  to my knowledge they’re only available in the U.S. and U.K.  If any of you prove me wrong, I’d be one happy girl :).

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  • Jabba

    How’d you have it shipped Juls? Wala daw to the phils from the UK brand? I also can’t find the collection sa US na avon. hehe.

  • Bless My Bag

    Uh ebay 🙂

  • Bless My Bag

    My ebay orders come in the mail…I make sure they’re addressed to a Makati address like mom’s office, then they send a parcel notice card when it’s arrived and you go pick it up. The Makati Central post office is the most efficient and trustworthy. I waited about 3 weeks from purchase to get these. My seller for the black one was from the UK and the other 2 are from the U.S.

  • Jabba

    Haha! Ok. 🙂 Lemme try that nga. mahal kasi ng postage from UK eh.

  • Charlotte

    Let me know if you wanna try any of the sparkly glimmerstick ones… I need to make an Avon order soon anyway xx