Christmas-y Scents: Nina by Nina Ricci & My Homemade Apple Pie (a photo collage)

For a great friend of mine, it’s going to be a sweet, apple-scented Christmas :).  By the way, after this quick scent review, read all the way to the bottom for a sweet Christmas day feature on my home-baked  apple pie :).

She’s going to be receiving this pretty fragrance, Nina by Nina Ricci.  See how beautifully embossed the Nina Ricci name is on the leaf?

It’s a beautiful, bright, fruity, apple laced, vanilla based scent, but I found it overall just a bit too sweet for me and I’m not that big on fruity scents.

I remembered my friend’s love of fruity, sweet fragrances.  So Nina by Nina Ricci, with its super pretty apple bottle, is perfect for her.

And yes, I am hoping she doesn’t catch it in this post before I give it to her LOL!  She randomly reads my blog, not every entry, and I’m hoping she skips this one (smirk).  Now, for you guys here’s a quick glimpse of what I made on Christmas morn!  Whilst my brother and mother were wrapping away in the background, I proceeded to fulfill my family’s annual request, my super not perfect-looking (I like it that way) but delicious apple pie :).

Here’s Part 2 of the collage 🙂

Yes, after that shoot, after shooting with one hand, my Canon S90 was super dusty with flour, thanks to my flour fingers.  Sorry, I’m such a scatterbrain, I didn’t take an open pie slice photo when we got to my uncle’s house or even a photo of someone eating it.  I was too focused on family festivities.  I assure you though that as they always do, my family enjoyed my apple pie. 🙂  You won’t find the recipe here nor the detailed instructions, but I’ll give you a tip, for those who don’t like “tart/sour” tasting apple pie, I used Fuji apples instead, they have a milder less sour kind of sweetness and it adds an Asian twist to this Western Dessert.  You can always bring back tartness as needed by adding lemon juice to the apples prior to preparing the filling. I’ll leave you with a video of Snow White making her very own apple pie! (update).  Belated Merry Christmas, Everyone! 🙂

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  • Charlotte

    Dude! That apple pie looks amazing! Apple pie is Mr. L’s favourite… but I’m not very good with pastry, so he has to make do with apple crumble instead! Apparently my hands are a bit too hot to be a good pastry chef! (that and I can’t stop playing with the dough)

    What a shame you didn’t like Nina! I think it’s a lovely one! Mr. L would be in the doghouse for not picking it up for me but he did treat me to some Becca, Guerlain and a Chanel lipstick… I really musn’t grumble! What are your favourite types of scent? I always feel like such an unsophisticated pleb when it comes to fragrances.