Style Snippet: Fashion Blogger Rumi Neely, that girl with Bryan Boy + the model moisturizer

Pinoy fashionista and blogging sensation Bryan Boy keeps close ties with a certain blogger whose posts draw me in, time and time again.

Rumi and BryanBoy on a picnic

Half-Japanese, California girl Rumi Neely effortlessly stuns you with her profound and tearfully natural style prowess.  This girl has, in two words, MADE IT.  Ok, let’s make it three, MADE IT BIG in the fashion world.  I think it also helps that she’s uniquely and uncommonly (hoh!  using that word twice in this post) pretty and “unfairly” long and slender.  Believe me, the girl was born to have clothes hang on her the way they do.  (All photos directly linked from Rumi’s blog Fashion Toast.

She spends her time playing dress up, smartly blogging about that, gulping cups of joe, shopping (duh ^v^ LOL!), and hopping on international flights on a weekly basis to attend launches, parties, and what now seems to be an endless cycle of current runway style at various fashion shows.  Did I mention that she’s also a passionate and annoyingly talented photographer?  The photos in her blog are taken by her, her and a friend (so that at least she has full shots of herself, that’s important yanow!).

It’s one thing to be featured in Vogue, but to be invited and featured by a handful of INTERNATIONAL Vogue teams including Vogue Nippon (Japan) and the other European magazines is uncommonly grand.    An offshoot out of all of this stylishness is her thoughtful and minimalist take on personal beauty which I think is a busy woman’s extremely possible wearable routine, and we shall zoom in on that, in a moment, this moment.

In a kaleidoscope of wardrobe changes and in and out of season collections of clothing, Rumi’s makeup look stays natural, neutral, and constantly fresh, and that is sensibly perfect for an outfit changer.  She focuses on flawless skin (thanks to her gorgeous skin and favorite Armani Truly Luminous Silk Foundation), no blush mostly, nude lips and thickly lined eyes.  She talks about her makeup staples, her makeup routine and why she loves each of these here and here’s a photo of them.

She got hooked on Embryolisse after asking a pro artist what he/she was using on her.  Embryolisse is a French moisturizer which happens to be a popular primer used by a lot of professionals (including the Pixiwoo sisters, Sam mentions it here in her fave skincare) for top models on the runway.  Everyone’s into primer nowadays but before there were “primers”, as Lisa Eldridge said, there were moisturizers and many work essentially the same way as a primer.  THE big time pro moisturizer abroad, or at least in Europe, is Embryolisse…and guess what…(hushedwhispers…”no she didn’t”…”yes she did!”)

YES, I DID so be on guard for the next post :).

Why are there two?  Hmm, let’s just say, it was a small miracle, and I’m feeling very generous this coming 2011.  Watch out for that!  Happy New Year! 🙂

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    thanks for constant updates about people in the blogosphere! im getting to know a lot of great people through your blog!

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