A Round Up of Charlotte’s Christmas gifts :)

Remember this photo from my international swap post with Charlotte?

She left a few items wrapped as a secret Christmas gift for me.  And so, I opened that little package of goodies on Christmas day, here they are!

Gasp, what a delightful trio!  She sent me sparkly, semi-holographic NUBAR nail polish in “Gem”, which is my absolute favorite of the lot.

You have an NOTD comin’ atcha in a nanosecond…no, sorry, exaj…with me that means a few days.  She also sent me an UNE lipstick in a very wearable earthy pink (natural/organic lipstick).

UNE is a environmentally safe cosmetic brand that delivers natural beauty products that come prettily and thoughtfully packaged.  The last of the lot is this opalescent Daniel Sandler lipgloss.

It’s a bit sticky and is essentially colorless, but its opalescence helps define day lips in an instant and gives more volume for a pretty pout, my only complaint bout this is its stickiness.  Daniel Sandler is a celebrated UK Pro Make-Up artist with his own cosmetic line.  His product line’s most acclaimed and popular product is the liquid watercolor blusher which offers a foolproof flush with a wide range of shades to choose from. Lisa Eldridge also uses this blush in this video she did on bridal makeup.

This is the blush, the photo is from British Beauty Blogger who talks about the blush here.  That rounds up the Christmas presents from Charlotte, my sweet English friend, who unfortunately is trapped in a bit of a technical tangle with her site Lipglossiping.com because of a host misunderstanding.  I pray she has it up and running in no time.  With her genius hubby who happens to be a programmer that ought to come to pass pretty soon :).

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