Embryolisse + BIG New Year Metro Manila GIVEAWAY! Until Jan. 28

I promised in my last Style Snippet to talk about Embryolisse, the pro-loved moisturizer that was cited by Rumi of Fashion toast and the Pixiwoo sisters.

At the very bottom of the post I revealed that my very own purchase of Embryolisse arrived safely from the UK with a free travel size tube for a very blessed reader, plus I hinted that I’d be having a BIG  New Year giveaway!  Yes, this post is that New Year giveaway post!

But before we get to the giveaway details let’s first have a quick look at Embryolisse, one of Europe’s celebrated moisturizers.  Continue reading to know more and read all the way through to the end to learn how to be part of Bless My Bag’s big new year giveaway!

First, I made sure that the seller indicated that the stock was brand new, so this tube of moisturizer expires in October 2012, the travel size one I’m giving away expires in July 2012.  Embryolisse has over 50 years of French skincare expertise tucked under the brand’s belt, and I think that’s already a big win.

The tube is an aluminum type which is what most classic toothpaste tubes used to be made of or if you’re an artist the best description would be that it’s the same kind of metal tube that oil paint comes in.

By the way, the travel size tube comes with the old Embryolisse label but I promise, it isn’t old stock.  I checked the expiry date and it’s well into 2012.  They were only able to update the box packaging of the travel sized ones recently so the small tubes still have the old label.  What’s great about the product being in this kind of tube is its shelf life is much longer because the cream is kept free from unnecessary oxidation plus the metal tubes are better for the environment than plastic.  So if you happen to use up a lot of it, the tube becomes malleable like this toothpaste tube as an example.

The product comes impressively sealed like your local eye ointment or Terramycin (triple antibiotic) ointment.  The mouth of the tube is sealed with metal and the standard cap functions as an opener to puncture it.

Their Lait-Creme Concentre is the popular rich moisturizer made of natural active ingredients (the updated formulas): shea butter, beeswax, aloe vera, and soy proteins, plus what I super love about it has a very, VERY, faint Jasmine (Sampaguita) scent.

It applies mildly thick and rich onto the skin and you’re not advised to rub it in with lots of pressure but smooth it out gently and allow the skin to absorb it.  From what I understand they reconstituted the product in the newer released tubes to be completely paraben-free, but otherwise it’s still essentially the same reliable formula.  NOTE: This moisturizer is not necessarily a daily basic need for those with oily skin and those who live in extremely humid areas.  The reason why I got this is I was hoping it would help relieve my eczema on my right arm, and you know what?  It instantly eliminated the breakout, and though my eczema still does recur I now know exactly what to put on it when it’s being stubborn and itchy.  I also apply this on my chin area around the mouth and lips because that’s where I get dry itchy skin even in this tropical climate.

AND NOW, ONTO THE GIVEAWAY!!!  There’s a box then there’s a zebra “kikay” pouch with even more beauty goodies for you!  Here are the mechanics.

HOW TO JOIN THE GIVEAWAY (PLS. READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY)  Open only to those who reside within Metro Manila:

1. Leave a comment right here below this post on the blog (not on FB) that shares why you like reading/following Bless My Bag (Please comment relevantly, don’t say something like “Because you giveaway freebies”).

2.  Like BlessMyBag’s profile on Facebook (the Facebook box is on the right sidebar of the blog) or go to this link http://www.facebook.com/pages/BlessMyBag/132945476716579 and like the profile.


In the box…

1. MICHELLE PHAN’s Fave CVS Essence of Beauty Dual End brushes

2. EMBRYOLISSE Lait Creme-Concentre moisturizer

3. VICTORIA’S SECRET Beauty Rush Body Mist in “Candy, Baby”

4. HUMAN HEART NATURE – Aloe Vera & Lemongrass Shampoo plus Lemongrass Mango Butter Conditioner

5. ARTISTRY Intensive Renewing Peel sample sachet with introductory CD

6. REXONA Clinical Protection Deodorant for Women (the extra 1 I won 🙂 )

7. PUREDERM Cell Illumination Hydro Pure Gel Face Mask

8.  MACADAMIA Deep Repair Hair Masque (from Charlotte/Lipglossiping.com)


In the Zebra Kikay pouch…

1. BOOTS 17 Eyes Eyeshadow in “Statuesque”

I’m sorry about the POP BEAUTY (UK) Eye Cake Eyeshadow tin in the upper right of the above photo,


It was really supposed to be the number one item here in the zebra pouch,  but a little destructive demon out of nowhere made that tin slide out of the pouch and almost unrealistically fall off my desk and end up smashed on the floor in a bajillion pieces.  I really believe that my joy was stolen in that moment, I didn’t even knock the pouch over but at the height of my happiness as I was writing the #1 pouch prize was destroyed! I’M TELLING YOU IT HAPPENED TO ME IN LIKE SLOW-MOTION complete with me reaching for it and mouthing “NOOOOOO!!!”.  I’ll try and source this again for another giveaway SIGH*.

So never mind, that beautiful taupe eyeshadow by Boots given by Charlotte is also a wonderful item 🙂

2. STILA Black Liquid Eyeliner

3. CALVIN KLEIN Tempting Glimmer Creme Eyeshadow in “Snakeskin Silver”

4. HUMAN HEART NATURE  2 Lip Balms in Peppermint and Mandarin

5. Two sachets LANCOME Aqua Fusion Moisturizer & Two sachets JURLIQUE Lavender Hand Cream

6. GIVENCHY PLAY Perfume sample sachet

7. MOLTON BROWN (UK) Vitamin Lip Saver, Face Moisturizer, and Eau de Toilette

8.  GARNIER Gentle Clarifying Foam with Lemon Essence

It’s all so wonderful I wish I could win my own giveaway!!  Hurry up and share this giveaway with friends!  The winner will be chosen randomly after 8pm on January 28, 2011.  The winner will hopefully be announced on Monday, January 31, 2011 and arrangements will be made with the winner for the delivery of the prize.

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  • Yey for the giveaway Julia!:)
    I’m a regular reader of your blog. I’ve been following it since July/august last year. I’m not sure when exactly. I’ve basically read all your post and I check on the site whenever I get the chance to go online!:D
    The thing I like about BlessMyBag is like any other beauty blog, it’s informative. But unlike the others, yours is injected with humor.. It makes your blog an easy read..:D

    Happy blogging Julia!More beauty reviews for the years to come..:)

  • esquire

    Your site is finally back! Been checking the whole day 🙂

    I enjoy reading your blog because you discover and feature amazing products (not just your regular-obviously-from-press -kits-mass-released-to-bloggers-who-feature-them-almost-simultaneously stuff). You pointed me out to other great bloggers (lisaeldridge, frmheadtotoe, lipglossing etc.) who are amazing as wela. Oh and the writing is funny and witty, not to mention gramatically correct (a rarity these days, it seems)

  • Juliaaaaaaa!! What if I just want the CVS Essence of Beauty Dual End brushes & the zebra pouch?? Haha! Okay, I’ll be serious now (but I’m also serious about the brushes & the pouch haha). Aside from the fact that you’re my friend (shucks am I allowed to say that? friends are allowed to join, right? haha), I read your blog every now and then because you find and share a lot of cool make up tricks and tips that busy/workaholic people, like me, aren’t aware of. You also share how great a certain product is so we have options when purchasing make-up stuff. Even my mom reads your blog, remember? I should make her comment, too 🙂

  • let’s see..i read your blog because you’re my friend.

    okay na ba yun to qualify? hehe…i’m kidding. 🙂

    i read your blog because:

    i get to discover new products and get to read honest “real-person” reviews about them.
    i get to share my own discoveries with you in real life and those discoveries sometimes spill over in your blog and that’s always nice to read.

    mostly, i like reading your blog because your passion for make-up and things beautiful, shines through your words…and it’s infectious. 🙂


  • Juls!!! I want! 😀 Reading your blog has inspired to me to do my own makeup (and enjoy doing it–while saving big bucks on parlorizing) for the past six weddings (man, the holidays were packed). It’s been a great help, I’ve actually gone out to purchase some of the items you’ve featured, from the lip gloss (elianto!) to the nail polish. I’ve enjoyed using each of the products, too. Keep up the great work. Yahoo!

  • Anne Gonzales

    Hi Julia! As a very busy work-at-home mom to my daughter, Julia, who was named after you (haha!), I have sometimes forgotten about…ME. Thanks to your blog, Bless My Bag, I was able to somehow reconnect with the “glamorous world” out there conveniently – right in front of my laptop while working “un-glamorously” as a medical transcriptionist. Since I work at home, I got so used to plopping in front of the laptop looking like I just woke up. But thanks to your blog, I got inspired to put a little glam in my life back! Thanks to your product reviews and links to makeup tips, I became updated on what’s rockin’ when it comes to getting dolled up =) Keep it up Julia! Reading Bless My Bag has really blessed me and will definitely bless me more if I win your New Year Giveaway! Hahaha!

  • Hello Julia

    I met you at the Cream Silk event last year. I noticed that you have great eye make up that day and when we exchanged URLs I visited your blog as soon as I can ; p

    I have been visiting it frequently since then. What got my attention was how you took pictures of the products. I have short attention span so the pictures are the ones that can easily enticed me to come back. A good post should have pictures well taken.

    Kudos to you that you have both in your blog!


  • Pika

    I read your blog:

    1) I’ve always been fascinated by you ever since college because you’re so cute and pretty so reading what you use is so entertaining.

    2) I love your blog because it’s clean. I love the photos! The lay-out is so simple and fresh!

    3) I love the products you choose. You review stuff from Ever Bilena to Christian Dior! That’s very open-minded of you because a lot of beauty bloggers won’t touch drugstore makeup what more LOCAL drugstore makeup.

    4) I love your humor!

    5) You are God-fearing so it’s nice there’s no trash talk going in your blog.

    6) I have “followed” your blog (from old URL to here) from the get-go so it’s fun to see someone evolve. I am witnessing your growth as a beauty blogger. And as a makeup artist as well!

    7) Reading your blog is already part of my “Surfing Routine”

    8) I think you’re the ONLY beauty blogger I personally know. We’re not friends and all, but we came from the same school and we both used to work in the crazy world of advertising.

    Good luck and more power to BLESS MY BAG!

  • Mariana Bantug

    What an awesome gift set!!

    Hi Julia! I read your blog first and foremost because it’s fun–and it’s fun because I looove make up and skin care. It feels great to get home from school and leisurely look through your posts before I hit the books. You always feature good photos of products (which is a huge thing for me) and you never share too much nor too little. Bless My Bag is a permanent part of my bookmarks bar. I always get excited when you have a new post up. Also, how cool is it that you have a friendship with a beauty blogger all the way in the UK? Very, I say.

    Have a happy 2011! Keep up the great work. 🙂


    P.S. Thank you for introducing me to Lisa Eldridge. Great videos!

  • Jinky

    Before this blog, I thought all good make-up was expensive, I didn’t know how to put any of it on and I didn’t know what BB Cream was. Now I buy inexpensive but effective make – up products so I can practice on my eyes which I can do quite well already, and I know that while BB Cream may have come a bit too late for me, it’s great for an after-a-whole-day-at-the-beach party.

    Thanks, Bless My Bag. :0) Thanks, Julia!

  • Gladys

    Hi Juls!

    Reading your blog is like having a conversation with you. Your posts are entertaining and informative.

    It’s nice that you review stuff from imported to drug store bought. You talk about your discovers with enthusiasm. Your blog makes people like me who-know-nothing-about-make-up-and-beauty-products want to read on and learn little by little. 😀

    I am privileged to have seen your work as make up artist.

    Push on. 😀

    God Bless.

  • maricel pangilinan arenas

    i know, i know, i’m prohibited from joining this promo… just like almost every other promo i’ve encountered in my life, thanks to mccann and harrison.

    but i want to comment eh.

    i read your blog because you’re my daughter… and to check on your grammar, of course. my english prof in UP, dadufalza, would expect nothing less 😀

    great job, Jul <3

  • Hi! I love reading your blog because first, I want the products you choose to review. I actually stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for a particular product and found myself searching your page for some time. Secondly, I love how you review products. It’s so detailed and gives all the information that I want to know. Lastly, I just lovelovelove the quality of your photos! It’s really good! Thumbs up for your photography skills.:)
    I already liked your fanpage.:)

  • Jonathan Lao

    Hi Julia! I regularly visit your blog and FB for your practical tips and recommendations.

    And I do it for my wife! 🙂 I have influenced her to use the products you recommended. I even gave some of them as Christmas gifts to her when we were at Watson’s Podium – I suddenly remembered your post about you & your mom’s skin care regimen. I referenced your blog via wifi at the mall just to look at the products’ name.

    She received compliments from office mates on how well she looked after using the skin care (L’oreal) and foundation (Revlon PhotoReady). She even recommended them to her friends – and made them buy the foundation (with good results too). You should get commissions from the sales!

    Keep up the great posts/photos and very practical product reviews. I’ll ask my friends to read your blog so they’ll earn extra points with their wives too…

    Thank you!

  • Hi Julia!

    Just trying my luck in your new promo 😀 hahaha

    Been a patron of your blog since you began with it..

    Keep those entries coming, even the makeovers you did for Noelle and Georgia.. i’m very excited to see who will be the next lucky lady.. 😀

    Will share your link to more friends to make converts out of them!

    God bless!

  • Donskie

    Hi Julie,

    I always look forward to read your reviews on products. Also, at times, I get to be introduced with good products through your blog. It helps me get an idea before I purchase one. Fortunately, all your reviews helped me a lot in choosing the right products to buy. I am one fan of make ups but fails to be contented once I buy one. But with your help, I am able to see what’s good and what’s not taking into consideration the budget constraints too:) Keep tose reviews posted because it really helps a lot of kikay readers like me to know which would best satisy an individual:)

  • agnes

    Hello Julia!

    What really caught my eye about your blog is the crispness and clarity of your pictures. The quality of the photos and the way you take pictures is an art in itself, so much so that sometimes, you make the photos look even better than the actual items!

    I also cannot help but notice that you have this old world charm about you and it shines through in your style of writing. The tone of your blog, your witty remarks, your funny comments are combined in such a way that make your blog stand out from others.

    Apart from the product reviews that are truly helpful, what i appreciate more in your blog is the honesty, simplicity and love of life that radiate outward towards the reader.

  • Michele

    Hey Julia, happy new year!

    Here’s to your future being a professional make-up artist. Just found out the UGL was literally a few doors down from where I work, and I never ran into you…oh well, that’s life.

    Absolutely enjoy following your blog! It’s one of the beauty blogs that I enjoy reading because it has a very personal feel to it – downright, honest-to-goodness opinions, raves and whatnot. Also love that, the products you do reviews on (as well as photograph, which are great by the way) are diversified and come from different price ranges, which is great when you’re on a budget.

    Thanks muchly for all the beauty tips! Looking forward to seeing more this year. 🙂

  • snow0016

    There’s a lot of reasons actually why I became a fan of this blog. But I’ll make it brief.. The main reason is that there are a lot of good products and people that I got to be introduced to. What I like most about it is that the product reviews are genuine and that you can count on it. The people that she mentions once in a while, on the other hand, are not just ordinary people but gurus and are well known on their fields. I wouldn’t have known some of them, or it may take me considerably longer to hear about them if they were not mentioned on this blog.. These are the reasons why I like reading posts from Blessmybag!

  • madi

    hi julia!

    I like following your blog “Because you giveaway freebies”! : ) Kidding aside, I recently have been interested in doing my own make-up and I follow your blog because it introduces me to various kinds of beauty products. Plus, I love your photos! makes your blog more interesting.: )

    God Speed!

  • Melrose

    I would usually search the internet and read reviews about certain product before I buy it.I was searching for a good review about Mabellines BB cream last year and that’s the reason how I discovered your blog. It helped me a lot in making the decision of buying it and finally purchase my own BB Cream.Since then I would read your blog regularly and if there is a certain product may it be beauty related or not I would check your blog first before making any decision. Thank you Julia, you inspire me a lot.

  • Hi Julia,

    I read your blog because I am stuck in my 20s. I’m now 33, a work at home mom of one. I read your blog because it keeps me updated- I no longer buy beauty magazines. Even with the demands of motherhood, I try my best to buy good beauty products. Your blog is a rich source of info.

    You were at my wedding with your mom. I think I was a pretty bride and I hope I can keep it that way forever for my husband. So I want your freebies! 🙂


  • berns

    I gave make-up as Christmas presents to my sister and mom. Then Ate comments, “Why the sudden interest on make-ups?” Then I started asking myself, when did this all start. . . at first, I thought of our wedding – then I realized it was because of an article I read on blessmybag – make-up need not be always expensive (I believe this is the article where julia starts exploring the make-up in watsons 🙂

    I don’t have the patience of reading, researching and trying what’s good for me and for my pocket. hehe. I used to only have pressed powder and blush in my kit. Now, I have a collection of eyeshadows, lip gloss, lip stick and I started to invest on brushes. crazy stuff and i love it!!! 😛 Now, I do my friend’s eye make-up (twice pa lang naman).

    Yup, so it is because of this blog, I have started blessing my bag and others’ bags as well. Spread the love and beauty! 😛

  • Irda Wandira

    I’m just kind of stumble upon your blog here and I read some of the posts, it makes me interested to do my own make-up *but still doesn’t have enough time to do so. sigh* And your blog also inspired me on how to choose our make-up products. In other words, you’re having a great blog here 😀 Keep up the good work on 2011 :))

  • grace tenorio

    hey jules!!

    hmmm.. honestly because your my friend and seatmate sa office…well not anymore…sigh…(ooops…does this disqualify me?) >__<
    if i win, promise it's mere luck!! \m/
    i even remember you sending me epops about blogs of random blogger, and now texting me with your own blogs…so cool…

    kidding aside, having a friend doing blogs about make-up is really awesome…i hate reading but make-up makes it interesting…hehe…

    its so nice that when i see your blog, most of the products you feature are easy for grabs…i don't have to search the web…you do share your talent and passion with everyone…great job jules…you make us feel beautiful everyday…and feeling beautiful is not expensive…yey!!! ^__^

  • waters

    Julia 🙂

    By the time you announce your winner, I will be an official resident of Metro Manila 😛

    I read your blog because you always entice me to purchase your newly found goodies. So, it is more like Bless My Wallet on my side 🙂 Nevertheless, it all seems affordable and I can’t wait to get home and try those products 🙂

    Keep on spreading the love and the passion you have in your heart.

    Hugs and see you soon!

  • Hi Mis Julia.

    I LOVE reading and following your blog because
    I’m not a BIG Fan of Make-up or putting and doing make up
    on my self but when i saw you doing the make up for my Cousin
    Wedding i told my self why i should try to learn putting some make up
    and knowing the good products about this things to learn new.
    and i found you on Fb and look at your Blog.
    As as read your old blog post i saw a tutorial/post about the
    gradient nail something like that i thought first it was hard but
    when i saw your tutorial well it’s hard for the first timers but i learn
    That’s all sorry for the wrong grammar im sleepy while typing this.
    Happy Blogging 🙂

  • Rosel

    Reasons to read your blog:

    1. Layout and photography are excellent. When you used to be in our pool of writers at Living Asia you’d give me the best photos and kept our blog busy. Now I find the same great quality here in your blog.

    2. Just recently realized you are a beauty blogger!!!! You were always well put together at LAC, but never did I think you would morph into a beauty blogger and a great one at that.

    3. And just like you, well, maybe not like, but almost..in my recent, and more, ehem, how shall we put it, financially capable stage in life, I’ve recently discovered makeup, upped the ante for skin care ( I remember scaring the writers like anything about sun damage after shoots under the sun), and enjoy beauty products. So this blog is indeed helpful. Good job!


  • Bless My Bag

    Rosey you hit a soft spot sniff*

  • June

    Hey Julia! Whilst i don’t know you, i love your blog because: 1) you feature stuff i could actually use, not just those overly-expensive-things-you-MUST-have-for-the-season-I-DON’T-CARE-if-it-cost-twice-your-salary-it’s-MAC! (must be said like a Romanov) kind of things other beauty bloggers exclusively focus on; 2) you take great pictures, which are [inserting cliché for effect] worth more than a thousand words, but; 3) your words are not half bad themselves. The articles are informative, inviting, witty, and yes, grammatically correct! And last but not least, 4) you reference CARTOONS. In a BEAUTY BLOG. Any one who is not ashamed to let on that they watch spongebob while giving advice on how to put on make-up is definitely worth reading in my opinion.

    Oh, and yeah, freebies!ü

  • Hey Julia,

    I like reading your blog because it feeds a guilty pleasure 🙂 I loooooooove make-up! You don’t have to enter me in your giveaway. I just wanted to say so 🙂 Keep up the good work!


  • Phoebe

    I’m a new follower- I found you on lipglossing in the “red lipped readers” and looked you up because I liked your makeup, and I love your blog! Your style of writing is quirky and interesting, because you write what you think in your posts! I like blogs like yours because they seem more honest, and more like a real person is writing it! I would appreciate it if you entered me in this (^-^) This looks like an amazing giveaway- thankyou so much! xxx

  • lucie.lovely.cupcake

    Enter me please! I discovered your blog via a post by Charlotte on red lips. the photo of you was gorgeous.
    I like your product reviews and the humour!

    Lucie xx

  • very good put up, i actually love this website, keep on it

  • Sydney

    Where do I get to buy Embryolisse products in the Philippines? 🙁