Illamasqua Pure Pigment in “Marvel”

I shouldn’t forget to talk about this brand before this lovely item I was given in a swap gets old.  I’m pretty excited  to use this for the right occasion.

I was sent this Illamasqua Pure Pigment eyeshadow in my international swap with Charlotte of Lipglossiping.  Illamasqua Marvel is a lovely loose yellow-gold pigment.  The product is made in 1st World uber quality-obsessed nation, Germany.

The easiest description of Illamasqua would be this.  To me, Illamasqua is somewhat like the Urban Decay of the UK, a sought after, edgy cosmetic line, albeit a more classy, artistic, professional, and expensive, and less constrained to the youth in terms of demographic market.  The pigment comes in a mineral-makeup setup container, sealed for your protection.

The quality of this pigment goes unquestioned, although I am admittedly less inclined to reach for loose pigment for my eyes on a normal day I have to say that this eyeshadow is absolutely gorgeous.  Marvel is super finely milled, soft, golden and vivid as you can see in this swatch.

Marvel is a powerful satin metallic, not a sparkly shade, a fine shimmery shade without a lot of glint catching the light.

The dramatically deep brand has a richer cultural history in stage, artistry, and society under its wing, including a link to its older brand cousin Kryolan, a bowed-to, no-nonsense mega brand in the professional makeup world in stage and film specifically.  The Illamasqua brand is also backed by a strong sense of philosophy and racial tolerance.  I personally do not align myself with the brand’s tolerance of hedonism and existential philosophy but I do have to say their products are among the best in cosmetic quality.  To understand more about Illamasqua’s history and brand philosophy watch this video.

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  • I love this pigment but I can’t find it anywhere. Was this limited edition or available in the UK only?