NEW Sigma MakeMe 12-pc Brush sets

This is why I hate that I cave in to surfing just before bedtime.  This new Sigma arrival at The Pink Slippers Boutique on Multiply is making me giddy, and Heaven knows I need several extra pro-brushes.  The name on that box isn’t helping either.

Something crazy good always snags your fancy just when you’re about to hit the sack.  This 12 pc brush set with a multi-use brush holder comes in 3 other colors as seen below at the bottom of this post. 

It costs Php 4900.00…(hands out tissue) yes I know it’s staggering, BUTT ay, sorry, but…if you RE-CALCULATE considering that one (1!) single trusted MAC, Bobbi Brown, or Becca brush can fetch up to over Php2000.00+ EACH in store, Php 4900.00 for twelve middle-level pro quality brushes isn’t bad at all (12 brushes! That’s like 12x more than 1! LOL).  That would be about Php400.00 per brush and that’s a very good deal especially if it’s your first complete brush set that comes pa with a travel tube that converts into holders for when you need them standing at attention ready for grabbing.

I’m super regretful.  I’m wishing I hadn’t bought the Silver Premium Travel Set (that I really do use a lot) had I known they’d release a set like this with a pro foundation brush I would have waited.  On the global Sigma site (check the ad in my sidebar) the set is going for Php4300.00/ $99.00, but you’d have to consider shipping from second-star-to-the-right Neverland so “ganun din” why not purchase from Pink Slippers instead, local pa.  So I’ll have to be content in saying a little prayer for these and letting it go for now.

The Sigma MakeMe sets come in three other colors aside from purple: MakeMe Classy black, MakeMe Blush pink, and MakeMe Cool aqua blue.

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