Sigma’s MakeMe Sets Worldwide Giveaway celebrating 25,000 YouTube subscribers, 4 sets to win!

Whoa, next to December it looks like January is gunning to be the most generous month of the year, online at least.  Remember the Sigma MakeMe 12pc brush set I just featured here a few days ago?  Well Sigma’s YouTube channel, SigmaShopping just posted this video on January 10.  They’re giving away internationally 4 MakeMe Brush sets (one in each color) to a very random 4 of their blessed YouTube subscribers!  The giveaway runs until January 24, 2011.

Remember how I was whining about the price because I don’t have that much money set aside for this yet?  Well, here’s our chance to win a set for free plus other amazing goodies along with each set like their retractable Hollywood brushes!  Watch this video, oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to their YouTube channel and leave a comment below the video stating why you like or would like to win Sigma brushes! Plus the really cool part is you can be a happy nag and post as many comments as you want until the raffle draw date for more chances of winning! Just be sure to not copy paste the exact same comment over and over or it will be regarded as spam, make your comments vary.

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