Raving for Red – Ever Bilena Matte lipstick in Scarlet

I happened to make a brief exploration of SM Mall in Calamba today on a mission to buy pet food, and I waltzed into Watsons.  In spite of my past disenchantment with the Ever Bilena Matte lipsticks because of their apparent dryess I still plastered myself on this beautiful, beautiful coral red called Scarlet at the display shelf.  Scarlet looks like MAC’s bright Lady Danger or Ruby Woo (but it’s not cool toned it’s warmer) red but for a fraction of the cost.

I egged the shop girl to get a brand new one out, and as they usually do in far flung malls, they scrambled clueless to find it.  That gets my blood pressure up every time, theirs too.  Before the sales girls fussed, whined, and hissed at each other while grabbing for stock on all fours beneath the display shelf (SM take note pls.), I had already swiped the tester across the back of my hand and oh my!

Was I mistaken before or was the matte formula really creamier and better?!  They changed it?  I mean they must have because it was smoother and better, even without lip balm.  It’s either that or the quality isn’t leveled out per shade.  Continue Reading to see more photos…

Let’s a have a few moments of silence to gaze a little longer at Scarlet, this Php99.00 red…W-O-W.

That color is so timeless and preeeetteeeeee!!!!

Yes, I did try it on, and this is brushed on without any lip-liner for a more wearable and less stage-y look…and I have to give away the fact that the owner of the salon I’m apprenticing at experimented, cut, snipped, and gave me bangs for free.  I’m feelin’ spunkeh!!!

Are you frightened by red lipstick or does it excite you? 🙂

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  • Red lipstick overpowers my face. I usually go for a dramatic eye and leave the lips looking natural. 🙂

  • Bless My Bag

    Masbagay sayo deep berry fuschia, your hair’s not black, it’s brown kasi. and you’re white

  • snow0016

    great find! i wonder if they also have a cool toned one too! I can’t really distinguish if I have cool or warm undertone eh.. para masettle ko na kung ano ba talaga.. 🙂

  • Bless My Bag

    I thnk it’s somewhat in between really, neither too cool nor too warm. Asian skin is usually yellow toned…

  • Yna

    i love red lipstick on other people. it looks sooo pretty and chic. what worries me about reds on me, though, is really not how they look right after i put them on but rather how they look one, two hours after. The caking, smearing, bleeding, etc. yun medyo hassle yung thought. tamad kasi ako mag re-apply. na-excite ako sa deep berry fuschia.. 😀 I need dark lipstick for my Samba performances so i might give this (or a deeper, pinker version of it) a try. thanks!

  • hi how good is it really? I was planning on buying the Revlon matte… maybe i’d get this insted? is it worth it to buy lots of these instead of one Revlon?

  • pretty color 🙂

    check out the shades that i bought..