Jurlique Love Balm – Spread the Love!

I thought no lip balm or gloss would ever come close to my Lanolips lip ointment.  I love Lanolips but have to admit that it is sometimes overly greasy when applied.  Although Lanolips will forever be in my kit because of its healing properties and SPF I believe I’ve finally found the one lip product that has surpassed it in terms of how it feels on my lips and the wonderful way it smells.  Here’s a cheezy photo taken in the afternoon for a change, ain’t it romantic? LOL!  Plus, the hearts on my bed just happen to add to the love, too.  Oh no, what’s happening to my hand…it…it…it’s  making the peace sign…

I am extremely pleased with Jurlique’s Love Balm which is a multi-purpose moisturizing balm not just for the lips.  I didn’t buy it here, I bought it online from a seller in Hong Kong for about Php400+, and I have yet to confirm if they sell this balm at the local Jurlique store plus if it’s not phased out, oh please no. The tin, only an inch and a half in diameter, is delightfully handy and carries 0.5 oz of product.

Citronella much?  No it isn’t at all but it does bear a striking visual resemblance to it.  Okay, here’s where it gets a bit wordy.  I felt the difference when my finger first touched the balm, it was delightfully soft, no not like a cream, it’s a solid, waxy balm, but it isn’t hard like wax, it’s super smooth without being greasy.  Your finger glides across it and surprisingly, when you swab the product across your lips there’s no oiliness or high-shine, it’s soft and velvety in a non-greasy way.  In fact it’s semi-matte once your lips soak it up.What adds to this Love Balm’s charm is the pretty calamansi-like scent it carries when you hold the tin by your nose, but oh, I was wrong, it isn’t lemon.  Continue reading to get to the end and see more photos :)!

It’s that type of inexplicable payoff that I think makes Jurlique’s organic products excellent and expensive. I believe they have super chemists that find the best way to process and bind natural ingredients into products that perform like crazy and to do that you need the best and newest technologies.  This lovely balm is naturally scented with tangerine oil and has Vitamin E, Olive, Soybean and Safflower oil.  It also contains calendula and flower extracts like daisy, viola, root extracts and rosa gallica which I think all sounds so feminine.  Attached to the back was a little flap of paper listing the ingredients which was accordion folded flat before removal.

Even what’s written on the back merits an “Awwww…”.  Therefore I’m super diggin’ this lovely Love Balm.

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