Style Snippet – Anastasia on the Cartoon Catwalk

Anastasia may have been one of our all-time animated features’ most overlooked leading ladies, in terms of style. Whilst her bittersweet tale lends itself to legend, the character of Anastasia as stylized by Don Bluth appears to me as one of the most beautifully designed AND animated characters ever minus a traditional frou-frou outfit and long flowing hair.Β  Oh, did I mention her eyeliner and mauve pink lips? Gasp…it only seems like some brilliant person dressed this girl in some Zara-esque getup fit for Teen Vogue.

To me she is simply the most fashionable of all, and she ain’t no Disney lady :). And hey, who could resist a character voiced by Meg Ryan? πŸ˜‰ Let’s have a quick look at what I mean about her sense of style and why I fell head over heels with it as I watched the movie.Β  These stills were paused via screen from an original DVD that I purchased.Β  Did not download this movie illegally πŸ™‚

Notice the gloves, as made popular by the likes of Avril Lavigne, Lady Gaga, and Tim Burton’s Alice.Β  The oversized coat adds to her youth, I mentioned this lest you forget she was supposed to be sixteen.

I mentioned Don Bluth’s beautiful animation of the characters which includes the realistic movement of the clothing as they were styled.Β  To my understanding they had a live action reference dressed in this would-be outfit, to make sure everything was animated realistically.Β  The outfit sings of style when she jumps and twirls.Β  The boots she’s wearing are reminiscent of the Promod boots I’m wearing now, yes will edit in a photo once I shoot it.Β  Continue reading after this shot (as if it was shot LOL) to see more stylish stills of Anastasia!

Super pretty!Β  And hey, did you notice? Leggings!

The tunic she wears inside, which is supposed to be an oversized man’s shirt (she was an orphan with hand-me-downs, right?) also looks great without the coat.

Anastasia is very beautiful in pageboy style in this shot where she twirls while she’s singing.

So what do you think?Β  Did I make a point on the fashion in this film?Β  I’d say the make-up is spot on, too :).

Plus wait, doesn’t her look remind you of this popular little lady below?

HAYLEY WILLIAMS Lead Singer of Paramore

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  • Anastasia was always one of my favorite Disney princess, and I always LOVED the blue dress she wears at the end of the movie. I still think of that dress sometimes, even though I haven`t watched the movie in years.

  • Morgan

    Anastasia isn’t a Disney princess.