For the Love of a Lens – My Pictures

It’s a wonderful sweet feeling I get when I read the handful of comments regarding the photos I take.  Thank you for your appreciation!  Here’s a photo at sunset I took in the North, La Union.  Only God could paint something this breathtaking.  I noticed a lone wader in the bay and the scene reminded me of one thing, worship between you and God alone.


Sometimes I get more flattered about those comments regarding the blog’s photos more than the notes of praise I get for the written bodies of blog I’ve managed to tally thus far.  I’m happy as I push my point-and-shoot cameras’ performance to the limit.  It’s not enough for me to flick to the proper scene preset, I need custom exposure options, ISO, aperture, shutter time, and white balance if I can get it from something that fits in my pocket (I love you, S90).  So, to suffice as a breather between beauty and buys I’d like to share with you some more unedited photos from different locations which I took with a 4.0 megapixel Olympus mini back then that only had scene presets and exposure options (and white balance I think) during my days in 2007 with Living Asia Channel.  What a beautiful country we Filipinos live in, let’s not be stupid.  Continue reading to see the photos!

In Dapitan, on the way to Kinilaw Inihaw

Holy Tilapia at Matabungkay!

Did you know that it’s quite possible that tilapia was the New Testament fish often involved in the miracles of Jesus?

Aliguay Island Dapitan, the day with a donut cloud.

La Union again.

Can you spot my friend Charisse in this forest above Dapitan?  I let her walk ahead so I could secretly shoot her.

There she is!



…and yes, off cam we had so much fun.  I was bored waiting for my turn to host so…while Nyx was being shot…

Me in Matabungkay shot by Nyx

I miss traveling with Living Asia, who knows?  I may just drop in and hitch a ride once more sooner than you can say “lakbay”. 🙂

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  • Charlotte

    beautiful shots lady! that first one is a stunner!