Urban Decay Lipstick in Wanted

This little Urban Decay product renders deep moist, soft lips (and it smells sweet, like those Cupcake dolls I used to have), but for me, the shade isn’t my type and the coverage is not enough to rave about. This lipstick is nowhere near fierce, but I still am thankful Charlotte of Lipglossiping sent it to me in our swap.

It is pretty to look at isn’t it?

You twist the sword so that the product comes out, but beyond its novelty in product design I am not quite ecstatic about it. Continue reading to see why I’m not raving.

This is a hand swatch where I must have swiped it on my hand about five times.

I’d quite prefer a lipstick that has the “what-are-you-wearing-it’s-so-pretty” effect on people that see me.  The sheer sheerness of this Urban Decay lipstick let me down, give me their Naked eye palette (if you can get it, I dare you) any day of the week, give me this and I’ll stare you down with flared nostrils at you I will.  It looks more like a cream blush than a lipstick, and I have some lip cremes that impress me more.  Perhaps it’s a let-down only because of the shade I have, but if I had bought this, and thankfully I didn’t, I’d be irritated knowing I paid for a fancy gimmicky tube and not a lipstick.

I can’t speak for people who prefer it sheer.  The cool brand embossing on the product didn’t lessen my disappointment either.  To be fair, on me, it isn’t so bad…but half of the color intensity you see here are my own extremely pigmented lips showing through this wannabe lipstick that may be a tad bit too close to my own lipcolor.  Sorry bout the weird mermaid pose and wet hair, after bath shot.

Do you like it or think it’s overrated just like I do?

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