Dior Travel Studio – Something borrowed, something blue…but not new…

Have you ever purchased make-up while flying 30,000 feet in the air?

The owner of the salon I work/play at is a warm and generous lady.  She’s welcomed me into her playful wonderland of beauty as a make-up apprentice and has constantly encouraged me, no even requested me (“please, please, go ahead…”) to borrow and photograph any cosmetic products she’s made available for use in the salon at anytime as long as I put it back after trying it out.  Among the goodies in her salon stash I found this donated Dior Travel Studio palette.

I sensibly scraped off the remainder of used product from off the top of the creamier portions for hygienic purposes.  You know what, I like this better than the Victoria Jackson Survival Kit, which comes out gimmicky in comparison to this sensible palette.  It was hers not too long ago, obviously well-loved, and she had purchased it on a plane from a lady pushing that delightful trolley down the aisle.  This palette houses your entire Dior face.  When you open it, it first contains contains a finer than fine pressed powder, creamy spot concealer, blush, a pink lipstick, a neutral gloss, and seven so-silky-you-wouldn’t-believe “Ombres A Paupieres” eyeshadow shades, but it has a secret and yes…there is more.

As you can see, it’s been through a lot and has been tossed about in the salon’s stash, somewhat used but not really.  Continue reading to have a closer look and see swatches!

Let’s have a quick look at the left side first.

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: DiorSkin Compact Skin True Powder Makeup in 200 in Light Beige (this shade matches me, amazing), creamy Spot Corrector concealer, 3 Ombres A Paupieres eyeshadows, and Brilliant A Leveres – Lipgloss in 313 A Bite of Toffee

Here are the swatches from the left side.  Same order, lip gloss swatched to the right.

My favorites from this side are that absolutely amazing, finer than fine and undusty (my word) pressed powder.  Dior, I “hate” you.  Now I know my exact shade in this luxury pressed powder, perhaps I should have been left ignorant.  No pressed powder has really worked for me like this nor matched my skintone this well so far in my entire life…except this one, it sets my tinted moisturizer beautifully for my best base and doesn’t make me pale like translucent powder tends to.  Oh well, gift option.  Now onto the right side, again, details below the photo.

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: DiorBlush – Soft Powder Blush in 919 Tahiti Pink, 4 Ombres A Paupieres eyeshadows, Rouge A Levres – Lipstick in 367 Video Rose

This particular group of eyeshadow shades is soooooooo pretty altogether.  The texture of Dior’s eyeshadows simply blew me away, that beautiful matte coffee taupe is so soft and finely milled, when I touched it at first I thought it was a cream eyeshadow.  Oh man and that butter cream shade, and gorgeous berry satin finish plum on the lower left (gasp).

You get practically ZERO fallout  with these eyeshadows (even the ones on the left side) and they blend like a dream on the lid.  Yes, I know I have to do a Dior face for you with this one.  It’s so hard to believe these are powder eyeshadow shades because they are silky, velvety, buttery and creamy even though they’re a powder product.  Now I understand why Lisa Eldridge collects Dior Eyeshadow palettes and raves about their quality, she’s not being pretentious.  For one, she’s a successful pro and she simply can, and sometimes all she has to do is ask and they’d probably send her a few, although I’m sure she purchases her own as well.  She says if you’re into luxury eyeshadow palettes, Dior has good payoff and topnotch texture.  If you’re going to spend might as well spend on something that doesn’t just have a premium name, it ought to work really well, right?  So what’s the secret I mentioned?

WHAT WAS INSIDE: Mascara Ultimeyes in 092 Ultimate Black, Mini Eyeliner in 090 Noir/Black, Mini Lipliner in 513 Linen, and Mini Brow Pencil in 653 Blonde.

Well, the secret this has is…yes, the top palettes slide apart to reveal a hidden compartment beneath…the products here aren’t complete anymore.  This is wha it probably looked like when it was new although this is a slightly updated version.

This actually contained a mini mascara tube and three pencils for the eyes, brows, and lips.  The only items left inside are the lipliner pencil, lipbrush, and a sponge tip applicator.  I think as a whole when it was complete, this Dior palette was once a busy woman’s dream kit.  It’s all you need really for a polished neutral look or a fresh rosy glow.

So what happened na?
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  • esquire

    Amazing! you had me googling this to see where it’s available. Btw, what’s the name of the salon?

  • donna

    Hi Juls. I have a very similar DIOR palette. Got it as a gift form my sister when we were in HK. She got it from HK airport. I saw a similar one in the PAL inflight shopping catalogue.