So what happened na?

My lovely readers,

Well, as you can see like I said, the blog plays hide and seek because right now it’s on shared hosting and the other sites may have been gobbling up the bandwidth.  The blog database however still isn’t stable.  Apparently, the blog itself hasn’t recovered from the last hacker attack.  Hassle, noh?  So I’d like all my readers, bless you, to be patient as I prepare to relocate this to a different hosting server, my own hosting account (Sob* pesoses fly).  It will still retain its blog URL, moving hosting server does not mean the site domain name has to change.  In the meantime, I’ve already backed up properly, and if you happen to chance upon the blog appearing, please feel free to try and keep reading!  Don’t say though I didn’t warn yah.  I’ll make a Twitter and Facebook announcement on the day the blog’s relocation/transfer will happen, because understandably this will go offline for that period.



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