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I couldn’t resist posting another one before my blog’s hosting relocation (yet to be scheduled).  I love doing this too much.  I have one teenage brother (14) who loves to play soccer, and yes he wouldn’t let me take a before and after picture of the stubborn Goliath perched on his nose and the Philistine army in the nearby valleys, but I can guarantee you that in his case the Israelites are winning so far because we’ve got our David, and it’s only been two days.

Mom and I saw visible results within hours, hours I tell you, of washing and application.  We kind of got a bit shocked seeing that the main zit had shrunk visibly (not totally, like by about 40%) and that the redness and inflamed look of the other congested pores receded within an hour or two of my brother trying this out for the first time. Rejoice oh ye with troubled and sensitive skin, this may be the answer for you, the Alba Botanicals AcneDote skincare line is available locally and hey hey, it’s a natural solution.  I’m actually happy I came across this line at Healthy Options in High Street at Fort, Taguig if you are from the U.S. this should be available at Wholefoods.  In my brother’s case I was beginning to wonder whether I’d splurge for him on a bottle of Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser (available at Rustans) which is about Php900, but Alba AcneDote Maximum Strength Deep Pore Wash will set you back only Php350.00 in comparison, less than half of that other price for a same size bottle and the plus is it’s a botanical formula.  I believe in botanical formulas especially since my experience with Jurlique. Continue reading to know more and see how my brother felt about this whole “experiment” as he called it.

First of all, I’d like to remind you that I am not a dermatologist.  This blog isn’t a skincare authority site, it’s a personal testimony of what works and what doesn’t work for me or people I know.  In the AcneDote treatment line what makes it highly effective is 2% of Salicylic Acid in the formula which is well-known for its zit zapping powers naturally sourced in Willow Bark extract.  In the facial wash, Lemon Balm and Parsley Extracts deeply cleanse and act as a natural oil blotter.  Organic Green Tea Extract helps soothe and calm irritated or inflamed skin.  In my purchase for my brother I paired the facial wash with Alba’s AcneDote maximum strength Invisible Treatment Gel, also Php350.00 which is a speedy, powerful spot treatment for extremely stubborn zits or problematic patches best used after the wash, this clear gel is the stone in your slingshot.  We will admits though, our precious, if you have zits that have, you know, erupted, or bloomed (if you prefer less violence)…the treatment gel stings severely in the first instance, like all good antiseptics and bacteria fighting products usually do, even Mario Badescu’s popular pink drying lotion is said to pack a powerful painful punch upon direct application to zits.

Sometimes, if you wanna bare it you gotta bear it, especially if you don’t have a healthy diet filled with fruits and veggies.  My brother and I argued when I first applied the gel to the main zit because it was so painful, the following evening I took pity on him and applied Neosporin instead  (Triple Antibiotic Ointment – locally that’s Terramycin) then we resumed the treatment gel the following day when the zits began thoroughly healing and drying up super quick so it wasn’t as painful.  My brother says the Alba facial wash feels really cool, it has a somewhat menthol like sensation afterward that isn’t too strong which is probably the medicinal and herbal formula in action.  The Alba Deep Pore wash claims to “fight breakouts even after you rinse”.  I initially gave him Pond’s Antibacterial facial wash before I bought this, but he didn’t like it because he said it felt like the Pond’s wash stripped his face of moisture and made his face feel like a rubber glove.  Written on the treatment gel’s box is “clearer skin in 4 hours”, written on the back it says that upon consumer evaluation some even woke up to clearer skin overnight.

For myself I’d like to have the invisible treatment gel for the sudden huge single zits I get once in awhile, I don’t have facial acne so I don’t need the facial wash.  When I get zits they embarrassingly plot themselves on awkward areas of my face like on the edge of my nostril (so it looks like a booger), or the top of my cupid’s bow (so it looks like a lower booger).

I’m happy to say so far this anti-acne pair is working well for my brother.  I’ll provide an update once the product is through doing its part.  You may want to give this a try, but I’d highly recommend showing this product line to your dermatologist first. The Alba AcneDote line also comes with an oil-control lotion, deep pore astringent, and face & body scrub.

Plus, if you’re on other maintenance creams like tretinoin, glycolic, or hyaluronic I don’t think it would be wise to combine this into the routine.  Salicylic acid is a trusted clearer of problem skin but it’s always good to be safe especially if you have sensitive skin.  The Alba AcneDote formulas are oil-free and paraben-free.

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  • Nessa

    Great review… I bought this a few days ago after my friend suggested it to me.. I luv it.. I did show my dermatogist and she said that it was fine to use while on trentinoin and clindamicin gel.

  • Heijn

    So how was your brother? 🙂

  • Nel

    I tried the face scrub of this and it’s good! I use it for 3-4 times a week and I had less blackheads and no cystic acne. Just small whiteheads below the lower lip. Then i paired it with physiogel cream.