Called for clarity – To Lasik or not to Lasik…whatchatink?

I’ve just recently been referred for an in-clinic eye laser treatment by one of the best if not the best clinic that offers the eye lasik process locally.  I’ve been wearing glasses since I was about ten years old.  I’m frightfully near-sighted and have spent thousands of pesos having glasses replaced or updated every three to four years.  I tried contacts but I find them absolutely bothersome and I even developed eye allergies.   I’ve already been given a screening/work-up and have been deemed eligible short of the retina test.  So right now, the clinic is simply waiting for my decision for the retina screening.

I’m nervyous…but I want to…but you know…I’m nervyous…however I do believe I will be pushing through with it after all this thought twiddling.  It just wasn’t such a good idea to watch mom’s eye lasik surgery on a high definition screen right outside the operating room with her cornea scaled as big as my entire torso, but now I do envy her.  After enduring one very tearful night following the surgery she woke up the very next morning to the clearest view right outside her window.  I do miss wearing stylish shades and being able to enjoy the beach or the great outdoors in general without the hassle.  That’s not to mention the added ease to make-up artistry on myself should I have this procedure done.

I don’t have the most flattering of eyes, they’re sleepy, small, uneven, and they flaunt the saddest set of dark circles you’ve ever seen.  People who’ve seen me without my glasses in person usually prefer I put them back on.  It’s super unlike in the movies or TV (She’s All That, Ugly Betty, Princess Diaries) where the removal of lenses changes everyone’s view of the girl into an extremely positive one, in my case their reactions pop the balloon “Mas bagay sayo mag glasses” and I get so, so frustrated when people say that.  Glasses flatter me, but I don’t want them.  If I do push through with this procedure I still plan to have a dummy pair of spectacles on hand in case I feel uneasy.  I really envy girls with beautiful exotic eyes with long lashes and a large lid area, Indian and Middle-Eastern Women especially shine in this category.


I just really don’t like my eyes, because of my grade when I remove my glasses, the irises even have a problem aligning evenly so I look lazy-eyed.  I need some cheerleaders, what do you think about the offer?  Have any of you been through the eye lasik procedure or are at least considering having it done someday?  What are your thoughts?  I’d love to hear from my readers on this subject.

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  • Pika

    I’ve been wearing glasses since I was SEVEN and I’m so annoyed with it I completely abandoned it. I hate it. It’s never going to correct my eye sight anyway! My eyes are so bad my doctor recommend I get it laser corrected but I’m still saving for it (it’s not cheap!) So yeah, I stopped wearing glasses for 3 years already and to hell with blurry vision na lang.

    Also, love your eyes Julia. They’re pretty and special. Do not envy. God blessed you with beautiful eyes.

  • Ei Juls! As one of your sisters-in-specs, there have been times I’ve found having glasses a hassle. There are marks on my nose bridge from the pads (permanent now, I think), occasionally losing them, having them bounce up and down when I used to run, having to wear contacts when I dive or swim, having them fog up and get sweated on in the middle of yoga, or having to wear contacts at special occasions (better for the appreciation of makeup, and an easy way to cook up a different look, hehe). Since I’ve been wearing them since grade five, some people think I look like a different person when I don’t wear them–they’ve become a somewhat permanent fixture on my face, and a part of my identity (yes, she looks serious and studious).

    But precisely because they’ve been part of an identity I’ve held for myself, I find the prospect of being liberated from specs rather exciting. I used to think I’d be lost without my glasses–more figuratively than literally. Now, I’m more curious to see how I’d be without them. I suppose that would be some form of growth. And I think evolution in general is a good thing.

    So the hassle of having specs aside (because that’s a given), I’d say if you had the opportunity, go for it. Think of the possibilities you can create for yourself without them. That’s always an exciting prospect. 🙂 If you ever become uncomfortable without the comfort layer of glasses, then yeah, dummy ones would work fine every now and then. Hehe.

  • michele

    I know exactly how you feel. Been in glasses myself since I was 9/10, and my eyesight has just gotten worse overt the years. My glasses have been such a permanent fixture that there have been times that when I’m not wearing them I absently-mindly “push” my glasses up on my nose…waaaah!!! Can’t stand wearing contacts as much because my eyes easily get irritated, though I do wear them on certain occasions.

    Been looking and saving up for laser surgery in the past few months, and I can’t wait for the day when I wake up and I don’t need to reach over for a pair of glasses to see my surroundings clearly. So, yes I am saying go for it then enjoy life without glasses. 🙂

  • My sis-in-law underwent Lasik a few weeks back and she’s had nothing but praises for it! I really want to do the same but as Pika said, the procedure is not exactly cheap and there are just so many things to prioritize right now, so Lasik is way down there in my list 🙁

    But I can just imagine the bliss of not having to grope around for my glasses when I wake up in the morning. And the shades I can wear! Sigh.

  • Angel

    Hi Julia! Although Lasik seems God-send, I’ve heard that it’s not permanent. 

  • Yna

    i had lasik surgery on my left eye four years ago at St. Luke’s. My doctor, Dr. Ivo Dualan, was a dear. you won’t feel a thing, i promise. i think the thing about it not being permanent just means that your eye would still age as it normally would after the surgery so you’ll probably still need to get reading glasses by the time you’re 40. love how i don’t need to squint anymore to read road signs and how i don’t ever have to wish i hadn’t forgotten my eyeglasses when i am asked to read an eye chart to get my driver’s license. 😀