Behind the Scenes w/ Alodia Gosiengfiao & Mark Nicdao – Pt.1 Globe Tattoo: PRINT AD SHOOT

Lo! The Philippines’ cosplay queen cometh!  If you’ve not seen Alodia Gosiengfiao lately on local TV ( I will embed that video in my behind the scenes Pt.2 feature  of the TVC shoot) in the latest Globe Tattoo TVC nor heard about her…you’re missing out on big time beauty, cutting-edge cool, and well…you are simply not in the know.  Sprint to your tube sets this instant if you want to catch her Globe TVC by advertising agency Harrison Communications on primetime programming or click here to watch on YouTube.  Here are a few photos I scooped up from the net to show you just so you understand what I mean, that if you haven’t seen what she’s good at, you are totally missing out on hardcore beauty, fun, and yes uniquely wholesome but still sexy eye candy!(First two photos by: Tricia Gosingtian)

So you get it now?  Alodia (the name is Hebrew for “love” her mom shares) specializes in the art of costume play or “cosplay” as it popularly called.  She’s brought the art of dressing up for fun to another level and it also can’t be much of a problem that she’s as beautiful as she is, WITH OR WITHOUT makeup.  Now please note she isn’t some spoiled pretty child who pays people to dress her up.  Alodia has been an independent and active cosplayer since her highschool days and back in the day before the flame of fame came she put on and participated in making a lot of her costumes AND props.  In fact it wasn’t uncommon for Alodia’s mother to find her fantastically precocious and dressed-up child burnt or bleeding from the soldering guns or cutters for the props WHEN SHE WAS YOUNGER OK (I had to insert that because some people commenting are quite particular, which is fine by me, now her props are commissioned), guys, you seeing stars yet?  She’s popular worldwide in the cosplay industry and has been invited to various countries to do what it is she loves to do she has a staggering online realm of cosplay fandom.  Though many mistake her to be completely Chinese, Japanese, or Korean she is based here y’all and she is largely Filipino especially at heart.  Today you get to see her up close, bare faced, and gussied up for a print ad by Propaganda make-up artist Jing Monis and Fine Arts graduate stylist, Mara.  Totally make-up free here and yes unedited, she flashes a peace sign for my BlessMyBag readers. :).

Last December I had the pleasure of meeting up with my Fine Arts batchmate and blockmate Mark Nicdao for this print ad shoot of Alodia for Globe Tatoo, here we are at the studio!

Yes, yes, I have proof that we studied at U.P. together…and he’ll hate me for this. LOL!  Cue Eraserheads/ Rivermaya music…

LOL!!  That’s a classic pose, me giving my college building a hug!  Now now, Mark only happens to be the second friend I made on my first day in university and is…(ok, Mark, if you’re reading this you must be laughing silly, libre na toh ha, wahahaha) currently the country’s most in-demand fashion photographer.  He is also Rogue Magazine’s lead in-house photographer, so if you haven’t picked up a single copy of that magazine and you want to know what kind of an “unfairly” talented pest he is you should grab one.  It’s also one of those magazines that has better art direction and content a lot more worth my while than a lot of others.  Most if not all of Rogue’s cover features are shot by him now.  Now take my hand and click on “Continue Reading” for a photo overload! We’ve got backstage passes to Alodia’s dressing room for the shoot!

And so the day begins on December 11, 2010 with conversation, tocino, and a banana.  Most of the writing here will just be captions.  There are just too many pictures worth a thousand words each :).

Propaganda Make-Up Artist Jing Monis has his gear ready while Mark consults the ad agency representatives from Harrison Communications inside the studio regarding the expectations of Globe for the print ad.

Alodia’s Mom watches lovingly as her daughter’s ultimate big break unfolds.

Jing Monis uses a delightfully ashy brown Kate by Kanebo (Japanese) eyebrow pencil to fill in Alodia’s Brows for the basic look.

There were several costume and makeup changes that followed the basic fresh look, I was only able to shoot two costume changes that day.  There will be more costume shots in TVC shoot feature :).

Here, Mark tells Alodia her face is too kind and so he asks for a killer look, and she nails it for the test shot, then shortly after Jing Monis begins work on the next look which is the one for the Globe ad, then a third look which is a major change in wardrobe, hair and makeup, the third one is where the fun begins.

Notice how he uses a finger muff so that he doesn’t ruin the base when his fingers make contact.

MAC Lady Gaga lipstick to top off the print ad look.  Now, Mark does his magic.

I was trying to avoid Mark’s flash but when my camera caught it this time it wasn’t so bad 🙂

Mark checks the monitor to see if he’s happy with the shot, while Alodia sends out more peace into the blogosphere before her next makeover. 🙂

Mark and I take a quick break while Alodia freshens up.  He spied my Canon S90 and got a hold of it…but he was clueless on how to make it work properly LOL Someone’s been holding too many big cameras!  That’s a classic photo right there.  Here’s the last chunk of photos of Alodia’s third costume change.  Oh, there was one more pala after, but gee this is an exceedingly long post, will just include 2 photos of that one.

Faints*  Ang ganda.

Our mothers had a blast watching us both…er…do our thing… “ang kukulit ng mga anak natin sa internet noh…achuchuchuchu” just kidding they didn’t say anything of the sort…I THINK, LOL.  Two more for the road.

Man, that girl does it good!  And here below is the final output for that second look earlier.

As you can imagine, I thoroughly enjoyed being at that shoot.  Watch out for Pt. 2 of my feature on Alodia, the shoot of the currently airing Globe Tattoo TVC! (This blog article contains the views and opinions of the blog author and was in no way influenced or compensated by any of the involved parties whether client or agency in the making of this commercial ad campaign.)

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    correction, Alodia does not make her own props are costumes. She credits them, whether it’s regine’s boutique, cargins, mang poly or abraham cruz. Please recognize them as well.

    She knows where to give credit where it is due. I hope you do the same.

  • Anon

    Enjoyable post. 🙂

    One thing lang po, before any haters point it out in a mean way – Alodia actually didn’t do most of her props and costumes. She can’t sew. She does a little detail work like adding glitters but most of them were commissioned. She even credits the costume and props maker in her pictures sometimes.

  • lupita

    Guys,click nyo yung last photo,magugulat kayo.hahaha

  • Bless My Bag

    @Doodidoo I was referring to her EARLY days in cosplay. Please be respectful, Alodia and her mother told me that story themselves, about her making her own props when she was younger, it does not mean the props in the shoot were made by her. The props in THIS shoot are supplied by Regines yes, but there is no need to get disappointed about my mentioning she made her own props before. Alodia told me about her cuts and burns.

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  • Hello Julia!

    Thank you so much for the lovely feature! 😀

    Just a correction, even in my earlier days, I just did the props – wings, staffs, phoenix, etc…but the sewing part was done by professionals. 🙂

    Btw, also the photos are great!^__^ Thanks for documenting this!


    PS To Anon: Other than just adding glitters, I sculpt accessories and props out of epoxy clay or sculpey for my cosplays, do papermache props with copper wiring, make armor (and a tank) with rubber sheets, etc… 🙂

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