My First Ellana Minerals Haul- Good Value Mineral Makeup for the Filipina

There’s no need to whine about the local scarcity of Western mineral cosmetic brands like Everyday Minerals or Bare Escentuals/ Bare Minerals .  You can get good quality, high performance, affordable mineral make-up by Ellana Minerals, founded by Coney Arellana, delivered straight to you locally for a shipping fee of Php50.00 (a package limit of up to 500 grams) or at select branches of SM on certain days of the week.

I may not have been the first to get bitten by the Ellana bug, they’ve been around for a few years and it found me eventually.  A friend of mine last year has been wanting me to feature Ellana Minerals for the longest time because according to her the switch to Ellana Mineral Foundation improved her oily troubled skin.  I just hadn’t gotten around to it ’til now.   All shots were taken with natural light in case any of you are curious, because it looks different from my usual setup.  I had to ensure white nearby surroundings so that the genuine colors of the pigments would come through in the photos.

When I explored Ellana Minerals’ online site/store I was “all over it like a rash” as some bloggers like to say and after my smooth online transaction I was genuinely impressed when my delivery arrived via Xend Xpress at my mother’s office two days after.  You have the option of paying via Paypal, bank deposit, or even with GCash.  Majority of what I bought are the smallest cheapest size units of Multipurpose Minerals (fine pigment for eyes, face, or lips, which I  enliken to MAC pigments or Barry M Dazzle Dusts) that are 1g pots at Php100.00 each.  I also got Sheer Velvet, their HD Mineral start and finish powder and two mineral foundations in the Perfect Blend formula to try, but I was quite surprised to find that both these shades below are a step too light for me in the day time, they look lighter when you spread it, so I’ll have to give one of these two little pots to a fair friend as a gift :).  See how French Vanilla is made more for girls with yellow undertones?

This is what I believe what makes Ellana stand tall for the Filipina.  A huge majority of Filipinas love applying powder on their faces, hardly anyone appreciates the “dewy” finish in this country because in a warm climate such as this you’d just look sweaty or oily especially if you trek it via public transpo, while on the other hand Western women love the dewy finish because in their cold, dry countries you’d look moisturized and fresh. The awesome thing about the mineral shade selection on the website of Ellana Minerals is that the shade levels are categorized in a Shade Chart by 3 skintone hues: Warm/Yellowish (Asian), Beige/Cool tones, and Olive tones. Plus, just when you thought your selection couldn’t get any better, each shade has a drop-down menu of 4 varying formulas according to skin type which are Premium Blend (normal-combi skin), Perfect Blend (Combi normal- oily skin),  Pure Blend (Combi normal, sensitive-dry skin), and Intensive Cover (Oily Skin).  But WAIT! It gets EVEN better, per shade per skin variant you get 3 product size choices to fit your budget, 6g, 4g, or 1g at the lowest price of Php100.00 for those just curious to try several shades out.

I definitely fall under the Warm/Yellow category so as it turns out I shouldn’t have purchased Chai Tea Latte foundation sample which was in the Beige category.  I also got two Mineral Blush shades in “HAPPINESS” and “HEAVEN” (photo earlier).  After trying them both Heaven became my favorite, it berry plummy mauve that goes on just right, it looks dark here but it isn’t once you buff it out onto your cheeks they blend in beautifully.  The foundation shades I got would be probably be okay for evening events where it’s acceptable to look slightly lighter than your exact shade.

WHAT IT IS: Powder Foundation that offers superior coverage, effectively covering and reducing dark spots, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and other imperfections making your skin instantly flawless with an illuminating glow.  It glides on your skin like silk, never gritty or sticky, easy to blend with a velvety finish.

HOW IT WORKS: Allantoin & Vitamin E for cell regeneration and moisture, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, and Kaolin Clay for sun protection and long lasting coverage, Vitamin C as an antioxidant.  It is Fragrance Free, Paraben Free, and Chemical Dye Free.”

One of the 5 FREE sample sachets they sent with my purchase, which was the deep looking Warm shade Caramel latte, matched me even better although being a teeny hint too deep so I guess that means my shade is Hazelnut Latte which is in between French Vanilla and Caramel Latte.  So now, onto the delightful Multipurpose pigments!  Click Continue Reading to see more photos, swatches, and a photo of me wearing the Mineral Foundation at the end.

I purchased 7 shades of Multipurpose Minerals and chose a few neutrals, some brights, and a few deep colors.  My favorites are “LAUGH” which is a deep eggplant purple, “CONFESS” which would make a beautiful coral blush, “PREPPY” and “BLUEBELL” which are absolute brights.  I also need to take a moment to praise Ellana’s packaging even up to the tiniest 1g pot, not even Barry M Dazzle Dust had a powder sifter inside which just makes the whole loose minerals experience less messy, and as you can see closely in the first photos of this post, the sifter holes are properly sealed with stickers when brand new.

The only minor as in, super minor con with the sifter is it happens to be tightly fixed to the pot, it’s not the type you can simply lift out with ease if you want to clean up a bit and pour product back beneath it (which is what I do with my Laura Mercier loose setting powder), unless you try and pry it out with leverage (in which case you’d have to be careful lest the sifter pops out suddenly and spills pigment everywhere).

The pigments are practically the same refined consistency as the UK’s BarryM Dazzle Dusts which I reviewed here, but to me Ellana beats the packaging of BarryM by a mile because of the product sifter and convenient transparent cap, which you can see better here on the larger Sheer Velvet HD Mineral Powder which is another talking point if you want to impress somebody, the consistency of this HD powder sparked laughter and exclamations from even the men in my family.

I’m not kidding, it’s almost indescribable.  Ellana’s Sheer Velvet HD Mineral powder is white in appearance but blends invisibly into the skin and it’s supposed to work as a starting primer or finishing setting powder. I’m super, super happy I can get HD finishing powder from a local source so I don’t have to splurge on Make Up For Ever’s HD Powder just to know what it feels like or use it on my clients.  What made my mom, brother, and dad laugh was the consistency to touch.  If you’ve never touched HD powder before, generally pure silica, then you wouldn’t expect powder that feels like a cream to the touch or powder that “melts” or disappears into your skin, filling in the fine lines to create a smoother surface.  If it’s your first time to experience it, you’re bound to look closely at what you’re touching with a “what on earth is this?” look, which is exactly what happened to my dad and brother, it yanked them out of video game trances when I poured some on their arm and rubbed it.  My 14 year old brother was like “WHOOAAAA!!! WHAT IS THAAT?!! Is that powder?  Why is it sooo soft, that’s too soft!”.  Sometimes I still pick up a bit and touch it just to trip on it, then I stop myself from wasting it unnecessarily.  Here’s a not so pulled-together photo of me wearing Ellana’s Mineral Foundation in Perfect Blend Formula Caramel Latte.  Sorry guys, no concealer and I think I just woke up here, haha, I even just stuck my finger in the Caramel Latte sample sachet, poured out the product onto my palms and rubbed it on with my hands.

As you can see Ellana Minerals Perfect Blend provides natural coverage, and I’m also wearing my Mineral blush here in “Heavenly” with a bit of Muji lipstick I think.  Compared to liquid foundation you don’t get an extremely  “made-up” look with Ellana Mineral Foundatioin, just even fresh skin unless you pack a lot of it on in layers.  The mineral foundation can also supplement your liquid foundation to set it well.  The Pure Blend formula is the one with just a hint of illumination for dryer, dull skin.  Intensive Coverage is their returning heavy coverage mineral foundation formula for Oily skin.  I also received an Ellana Product catalog with my purchase.  If you’re still hesitant, apply for their FREE Sample Delivery as a first timer right here, fully free of charge, simply supply your contact details and skintone details at this link, and they’ll send you a sampler package which I’m assuming is the one in this photo on their site.

So what do you think?  Do you think I’ve said too much?  I just get overly excited when something local and available happens to be wonderful and I’m a proud supporter of Pinoy enterprises.  Buy Pinoy, too!  I’m a sensitive skin girl so I’m exceedingly happy that Ellana minerals doesn’t even give me the slightest itch or breakout and it’s given me an option other than liquid foundation for daywear, and the product clings to your skin okay!?  It sets fast.  I can compare the excellent finish as a dry alternative  to my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer which I will also be featuring soon and it’s one of those complexion alternatives that makes people say “Nice your skin!”  instead of “Nice your makeup!”.  From what I know Ellana Minerals isn’t just available online.  A comment left online on dated August 2010 says “Ellana is available at SM Makati every Fri-Sunday and during Holidays. The Ellana booth is next to the salad bar, near the (sort of Market style) local food booths.”  So, all that said, why not go and check it out? :).

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  • Jules! I love the colors! I might actually order some.. but, can you help me? I don’t know what my undertone is.. haha
    and, so, these are loose right? you can use them like normal shadows?

  • I love ellana minerals too! their foundation looks so natural. like it’s barely there!:) super nice for those who doesn’t have much to hide and just want a natural looking face..I tried their sampler. nka ziplock lang yung products. but it’s okay coz for only pay 50 pesos (shipping fee) and you get to sample 2 foundations, a concealer and a blush, if I’m not mistaken. Good thing you stumbled upon these products..Good finds..:)

  • Yna

    got a bunch of these in sampler sizes. their website’s great. too bad i had a bad allergic reaction to every single item i got. ang ganda pa naman sana. Wait, not every single item pala. i absolutely love the lip treatment in vanilla fresh. i’m not sure what my skin has against mineral make-up. everything mineral i’ve tried has made my skin break out. 🙁

  • Ware can I buy these at? I am currently in the USA sometimes I travel to the UK but not sure next time I’ll be there

  • Hi,

    You can check their international shipping terms at the bottom of this page 🙂

    their main page is

  • Jel

    i’m a big fan of Ellana mmu and all their stuff. Their Heaven mmu blush is a must-have! love love the warm/darker old rose and its subtle shimmer. 🙂

  • hi… am not sure if its your camera but hell this is a very good review of ellana minerals!! will definitely purchase the most loved mmu in the phil!

  • jeanne

    Ellana Minerals’ concealer is the best. I have been using it for a couple of months now and I must say, I have a very sensitive face. The type where it actually breaks out whenever I put something on it. I have used Maybelline’s BB cream before for coverage, but my pores are getting blocked whenever I put it on. Ellana Minerals’ concealer’s doesn’t actually leave traces or hints that you are wearing it. Very good product! And I haven’t had any major breakout since then.