My Miss Dior Cherie, Sofia Coppola, and Natalie Portman

I wanted it long before the ladies went crazy bout this and before Natalie’s flick hit theaters worldwide.Β  Because you see, now that The Black Swan film’s leading lady Natalie is endorsing it, this ladylike scent is a sales star.

Mom and Dad spotted my blog wishlist for last Christmas and got me my most favorite item on it, Miss Dior Cherie, the Eau de Toilette.

Now, mind you it wasn’t just the bottle that got me giddy, the first time I spied this cologne was when I read an article about the lovely Sofia Coppola loving this scent, and the fact that Sofia ended up directing the television commercial for it gave the scent such a cool talking point.Β  Watch the behind the scenes of the commercial here.Β  I’ll post the actual commercial at the very end of the post πŸ™‚

Continue reading to know how I was led to this scent and watch the final output of the TV ad at the end. πŸ™‚

The first time I experienced Miss Dior Cherie was while driving to fashion week with my ancient friend, Noelle (the one driving), aka KikayRunner.Β  She either spritzed it on or I caught a whiff of it (I barely remember) because she had just received it as a birthday present from Duty Free.Β  I asked if she minded me seeking out the same scent and being the lovely chum she is to me she told me it was fine with her.

I decided it was high time I had a scent fit enough for occasions…like dinners, weddings, or just random special days.Β  It isn’t some random laundry scent, it’s a mix of that and woodsy florals.Β  The cap of the Eau de Toilette is made of high grade plastic tied off at the neck with a girly bow.Β  If I’m not mistaken, the parfum version cap is either plastic or glass with a metal bow.

Miss Dior smells …hmm, how’d I put it, LOVELY.Β  If I were to choose one word that would be it.Β  It would be along the storyline of your having a favorite grandmother, somewhat like the Oracle in your life, not someone over perfumed but someone refined, fresh, vibrant and generous, and she had a scent made for you that was like the daughter of her scent, a younger, fresher version who probably looks like this.

Because you see Miss Dior Cherie is a scent with a thread of legacy through it.Β  It does not smell cheap while at the same time it doesn’t overwhelm you.Β  It’s a very classy floral, and the Eau de Toilette scent level makes it delightfully subtle.Β  While that’s being a bit mild now that I think about it I should have opted for the Eau de Parfum which is the smell power level between the topmost Parfum and Eau de Toilette in which a few drops can last the whole day.Β  Let’s admire the bottle cap for five seconds.

Eau de Toilettes generally have to be re-spritzed if you want people to instantly notice your scent flag “I Smell Better Than You” waving in the air, which is why, I think for my next scent adventure, I might opt for the Eau de Parfum so I don’t need to respritz.Β  You have to admit, girls secretly like having an edge or itty-bitty advantage over one another, even the closest of friends do.Β  We can be pathetic that way LOL!Β  Watch Miss Dior Cherie’s Television commercial here.

Since I adore Sofia Coppola for her artistic talent as a director, her stylish simplicity, and penchant for subtle but elegant items I just had to find out why she liked the scent.Β  The TV campaign stars Maryna Linchuk and features the song “Moi Je Joue” sung by Brigitte Bardot. It’s such a happy and overtly French ad, and I love practically all the colors art directed into it. What’s lovely about high-end fragrances is all you have to do is head to a department store counter to experience them, and you needn’t buy if you just happen to be curious about scents like these, you walk away triumphant because you KNOW what that fragrance label smells like. I’ll have another post soon about current luxe scents by other brands that have also been getting quite a bit of attention, and I’ll try to do some legwork to smell and experience them and get back to you with my thoughts :).

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