Stila Eye Kajal Pencil in Topaz (Flesh shade)

The thing about Stila’s Eye Kajals is they’re as creamy as the Avon Supershock pencils, but I’m afraid not as long lasting (and US/UK Avon items  are a headache to source from where we are).  Stila cosmetics should be available at your local Rustan’s. Charlotte of Lipglossiping sent me this as part of our international product swap last year :).

I am wondering though, if they’re a bit TOO creamy, but right off the bat, you get a bang of color.  I’m thinking our heat and local humidity have something to do with the pencil being too soft and creamy.  The nib is easily nicked or smudged if you’re not careful.  I used it already here, sorry it doesn’t look brand spankin’ new, LOL.

I recommend refrigerating these for a few minutes before extended use.  However I do love this flesh-colored pencil she sent me, surprisingly, it’s very good as an eye brightener/ on-the-go dark circle eliminator because of how creamy and solid the payoff is, it is a bit too pink for my skintone though.  Remember to use a high quality sharpener that won’t ruin your cosmetic pencils,  a budget one that works for me is the Ever Bilena Cosmetic Sharpener which I wrote about.

This fleshy pencil kind of qualifies as a salmon color corrector, if you need one to eliminate blue under your eyes.  I also think that any of these Eye Kajals by Stila would work well as eyeshadow bases if directly applied and blended over the lid.  I’m quite interested in acquiring a few more colors, more typical for the eyes like black, a midnight blue, a brown, and a plum shade perhaps, which would all work as good eyeshadow color-bases or great for smudging along the lashline.  It’s also an ouch-free on the waterline of your eye, although staying power isn’t impressive.  I’m sorry if there’s a drought of emotion in this one…my weekends and mornings have been so…go, go, go…hardly any time to sit for several moments.  I’ll catch up my beauties! 🙂  Have a soothing Sunday.

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