Truly Tangled – ‘La lang, delighted with the movie plus my Flynn Dupe :)

Have you gotten Tangled up yet? πŸ™‚Β  I have…

This will be just a bit more informative and there won’t be an in-focus review in here really, nothing to spoil it in case you haven’t watched.Β  Just raves, wows, and credit where it’s due.Β  The movie’s Executive Producer is none other than John Lasseter, creator of Toy Story and visionary lead animator/story creator of Pixar Studios.Β  The movie isn’t a Pixar film, this is a Disney project and since Disney and Pixar go hand in hand when it comes to supporting one another, bringing John Lasseter on board more or less should’ve been easy-peasy, I’m guessing so just don’t quote me on that.Β  Mandy Moore takes the leading lady’s voice as Rapunzel and the movie’s heart-melting music is by none other than Disney’s music man for The Little Mermaid, Alan Menken.Β  The art direction and animation are exquisitely done to the point that you really can’t look away or check what time it is or spy your mobile for texts in the theater.Β  All I can say is…you HAVE to watch this, it is beautiful, it is super-duper fun, and be ready to cry.Β  The last time I felt this way about a movie was after Finding Nemo came out.Β  My Mom and Dad were a teary mess this evening, me too almost, the tears came, but they didn’t stream.Β  And oh, although my boyfriend wasn’t with us when we watched…

…you can see here why I couldn’t stop thinking about him throughout the entire movie, LOL!! Aww…so straightaway you can see he makes a perfectly Asian FlynnRider dupe.

Here’s another photo below of both of us (about a year and a half ago) where our hair makes a much better movie hair comparison “Tangle-wise”.Β  Before this I even had my hair up to my waist.

I was heavier then and di ko alam exactly kung anung chika niya dito, basta kita ko na ‘di siya naka-ready for the cameraz LOL.Β  Enjoy the last ticking hours of your Sunday.Β  I must sleep now :).Β  Perhaps in a few days after more relevant make-up blog offerings I’ll share what shampoo I’ve been using for the last few months, a sulfate-free organic blend that’s local but not available at your local grocery and good value for your money. πŸ™‚

Make-Up Workshop by MUA Cherry Pacheco sponsored by Becca
Stila Eye Kajal Pencil in Topaz (Flesh shade)