AnimaLipstick! The net buzz about Viridis Somnio’s Lips

Who is Viridis Somnio?  I’ll be a certified re-poster today, since I hardly have a nanosecond to shoot anything at the moment.  I’d be a fool not to share something make-up related that’s this delightful and pretty even though half the online planet must be infecting the blogosphere with this already.  If you haven’t come across lip artist Paige Thompson a.k.a. Viridis Somnio’s whimsical creations on Deviant Art…it’s about time that you did.  Let it be now.

Jaguar by Viridis Somnio (Paige Thompson)

“Wow…” escaped from my own lips as soon as the link my friend Lloyd shared with me loaded up.  Yes, to you be all the credit, Lloyd.  As in W-O-W.

Fox by Viridis Somnio


Crab by Viridis Somnio

~brown eyeliner
~Halloween face paint


While some cynics among you may chime “I’ve seen  better than that,” I wouldn’t be so quick to agree.


Fox by Viridis Somnio

Her artistic pout renders bear a childish sort of charm or humor not often found in something too refined or perfect, and her brave use of color blew me away, plus the lips look moist and not too glossy nor matte.

Black Cat by Viridis Somnio

From a few descriptions in her Deviant Art gallery I gathered that Paige fused a few make-up products with face paint and water based paints to get dramatically full results.  Continue reading to see more of this girl’s crazy creativity jump out ‘atcha.


Bidoof the Beaver! by Viridis Somnio

Chameleon  by Viridis Somnio

Hippo by Viridis Somnio

Pikachu by Viridis Somnio


She also took some time making avante garde, non-representational lips, my favorite of which is “First Night”  and “Primaries”.  Hands down, that’s it, I’m a fan.

First Night by Viridis Somnio


Primaries by Viridis Somnio

Paige Thompson has personally written on her Deviant Art page that her lip collection photos are under commercial copyright for those individuals or organizations who have the intent on featuring them with commercial intent.  On the other hand, she has stated that internet bloggers are free to share or feature her art for the sake of appreciation free of charge :).

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  • Pika

    Hahaha Julia, I was led to this article by a friend who PMd me and thought I might be interested to re-create the looks. Nagulat ako BlessMyBag site. Looks like your site is doing well then! Great! God bless Jules!