A Delightful Pink Box sent by Majolica Majorca + my Japanese roots

Not a moment to lose huh?  It’s been a week and I am so starving for a quick post at the very least.  When Mom texted me “A really big box came for you from Shiseido…” I was like “Whoa?!!  Are you serious?”, and mom was like “Yes, and it has that maholika, wassat again?!”

Goose pimples.

Paused elation…a smothered squeak.


In the box: 1. Skin Remaker Pore Cover 2-Way Foundation

2. Jewelling Eyes Quad Eyeshadow.

3. Perfect Automatic Liner in Red

4. Lash Expander Frame Mascara (I think they’ve understood that I like this a lot, this is now the officially the 3rd one I have, so I’m going to gift it to a friend.)

4.  Rouge Majex Liquid Rouge gloss

5. Artistic Nails Polish – Jeweling Line


Now I have no excuse for you girls, right now there’s so much to review for you, but a rationed amount of minutes to do it.  Bless My Bag will be right on track, but like any living breathing human being I needed to prioritize this week.  Majolica Majorca is for sure now available in the beauty hall at SM Mall Makati and you can also LIKE their local FB page at this link here.  I haven’t sauntered over there in full kawaii form just yet, but you can bet I’ll be over there soon to spy on all their lovely goodies.  The Shiseido press kit educated me and excited me because Shiseido, the mother brand of Majolica Majorca, also happens to be the umbrella company of Nars and Bare Escentuals as well.  With this delightful pink box came a note from Majolica Majorca’s PR team with their regrets on the postponing of the Majolica Majorca launch, because right now, we must shed tears and fold hands for Japan.

That is also why I’ve been lying low on simply continuing posting about makeup and skincare, the tragedy in Japan has really shifted my heart and made me think about what matters more on any given day.  I want to take this moment to remember my Japanese great, great grandmother from Nagasaki who is carrying my great grandmother Violet in this photo.  I haven’t done the math on whether this photo was taken before or after the atomic bomb.

May her country rise up and heal swiftly, and may the people eventually find joy amidst sorrow.  If you’re a Globe user in the Philippines you can help Japan earthquake victims by donating to Red Cross via SMS.

Text JAPAN <space><amount for donation> to 2899.  Available denominations are 5, 25, 50, 100, 300, 500, 1000.


Then send to 2899


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  • Oh gosh. Lola Violet as a baby! Can I have this photo Julia? I’m janinegenious on Twitter, the one who tweeted you the other night.

  • rusuke

    Hi, Ma’am. I’m rusuke. I dunno if you can read this but anyway, I have a question. I would really like to have a press kit/box but is it available in the Philippines or only in online stores? Or is it just for members or I dunno etc. Please I hope you could answer me. I’m sorry if this is sudden.

    Thank you very much!

    rusuke from Davao City