NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Comfortable, kissable matte lipcolor

I was surprised NYX came out with this kind of product, it stands tall in performance and is quite unique.  These are relatively new and were released about the same time as NYX’s HD cosmetic line.  In my review of the Fyrinnae Lip Lustres way, way back there are quite a lot of similarities between those and these.

Nyx’s soft matte lip creams are my go to product now when I want a matte bright lip without the drying discomfort.  I ordered these online from an ebay seller in the U.S. (cheaper that way), they took about 3 weeks or more to get here.  They cost about $6.00 each, that’s about 260+ pesos.


I purchased 3 shades as you can see above, Tokyo, Amsterdam, and Addis Ababa.  I was quite disappointed that Tokyo didn’t turn out to be a shade that flattered me, the color swatch online looked different and this very light nude peach would better suit someone much paler than me.  I am very happy though with the two other shades, a deep red and a not overly bright fuschia pink.  Continue reading to see more photos and how one of the shades looks like on me.


The texture is like a non-sticky cream or mousse, if you’ve encountered mousse cosmetics the whip in this tube is comparable to that kind of texture.


It goes on silky moist (like in the hand swatches) then dries to a matte finish that certainly allows you to make “beso” your friends and family without leaving any marks on their cheeks.  The coverage is almost opaque.  The ultimate test for how this looks is in harsh, direct daylight and here you can see that my lips are nowhere near being uncomfortably dry.

If you have sensitive lips you can still opt to apply a lip prep product beforehand, but it might shorten the wear this product provides if you do.  The product description is simply and prettily written on the front of the tube like so and reading it is what got me to try it in the first place.


There are more shades available on the NYX cosmetics website and I have it firmly in mind to correct my wrong nude shade selection sometime soon.


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  • Hi! I love NYX! Especially their round lipsticks. I’m a new follower! 🙂

  • wow that shade looks lovely! i will definitely check that out!

  • Yna

    nyx formulas are amazing. the eyeshadows are long-wearing and the color catalog is extensive. their round lipsticks (haven’t tried the black label ones) feel good on the lips and are not drying. they don’t smell waxy, too. even their nail polish formulas are excellent — thin but very opaque, even better than my Orlys and Zoyas. Someone please bring NYX here!

  • WOW!!!! WANT!

  • carmi

    hi! i love the shades and how it turned out in your lips – matches you well. 🙂 can you kindly share with me the ebay store where you bought it. i would like to buy in a trusted store and were these delivered to your home directly? thanks!