Bless My Bag at Binibining Pilipinas 2011

Right this way, Ladies :)…if I could I’d give you the best seats in the house, but this will have to do πŸ™‚Β  Welcome to Binibining Pilipinas 2011, a celebration of Filipina beauty, personality, and leadership by public example.

I was invited to Binibining Pilipinas 2011, the Philippines’ most anticipated nationwide beauty pageant, by my dazzling aunt who should have gone up that stage after I did her “barely there” makeup.

Behind her is her mother-in-law, we were on our way in this photo.


My aunt’s husband was chosen to be one of the judges for the event :).Β  Huwaw, big time!



In this post you won’t find a reported breakdown of the event but simple detailed captions and moments which I thought were some of the better highlights of the pageant in my view.Β  Continue reading to see more photos!


I was quite far away so my camera’s zoom function got a brisk workout that evening.Β  Thanks to zoom on my Canon S90 I snapped this photo of David Charleton, CEO of David’s Salon, I must’ve been 50 miles away hahaha “papa-papa-razzi…”.

I also took a photo of a random stranger who I thought was quite prettily put together from top to toe.Β  Please don’t get mad if you see this, my dear, I just thought you looked stylish and well put together that night πŸ™‚

Moving on…:)Β  Derek Ramsay and KC Concepcion were the lead hosts of the show…

…and they were supported by Miriam Quiambao and Lara Quigaman who were also former beauty queens.

Miriam Quiambao had lovely cascading Grecian curls that evening and I just have to show you.

And I thought KC looked elegant in her simple beautiful blue gown.

This is the prophetic photo.Β  Shamcey Supsup bagged most of the day’s awards in advance!Β  She’s a Magna Cum laude Architecture graduate from U.P. Diliman.

After Shamcey Supsup took home 3 of the first 5 awards of the day, I knew she would be the winner, one of the awards she even took home was the Ms. Cream Silk award!

He was too fast for the camera.Β  Swimsuit time!

These ladies make me ashamed of couch-potato me.

Agh…let’s keep going…hahaha.

For the evening gown competition I have to honestly say I was disappointed with a horrific majority of the gowns.Β  A lot of them obviously lacked a level of elegance and sophistication I mean hello, patchwork leopard print, and polka dot sequins, not to mention tablecloth florals?

Although taste and style is every bit subjective the overall effect was not at all flattering to a good number of the contestants there I’m sorry to say.


Ok, given that the choice of prints were downright distasteful for a beauty pageantΒ  so was a lot of the tailoring (note my specifics, “for a beauty pageant”, I think Emilio Pucci would agree).Β  That’s my personal opinion and I won’t state otherwise.Β  It’s a good thing that some of the candidates were just so elegant in their manner and movement that some of them made their dresses work for them.

These are the girls who I thought were worthy of praise in their evening wear, this first candidate, #23, Lizelle if I’m not mistaken, was my “bet” for the evening, but she lacked articulation in the question and answer portion.Β  For me though she was absolutely the most beautiful face of the evening…and her color speaks of the beauty of 7,107 islands

See, sooo pretty, and perfect teeth too, interestingly enough, she happens to be a tricycle driver, too!Β  But too thin I’m afraid, she needs to put on a few pounds.Β  Just a few.

Ok, more enchanting ladies now…this one looks like Tweety De Leon.

This one looks like Scarlett Johannsen

This one kind of looks like Gong Li from the side.

Although this one below is heavily studded, I don’t know, the dress kind of works for her in a way.Β  Sorry about the “this one” references…I left the candidates pamphlet in my aunt’s house eek, sorry.Β  I’ll try and update with the names later on.

Finally, now for the winning moments :).Β  I’m sorry Venus Raj, I love you, really I’m a fan, but I wasn’t a fan of your hair at the event.

I don’t know who did it but someone made a trapezoidal curly mess of Venus’s hair that evening.Β  Her hair is one length, not layered and whoever styled it did not consider that for starters she is a Cream Silk endorser and her hair should look nothing short of perfect and enviable, but here as you can see it’s frizzy, curly, floofy and it represents a certain familiar religious image, the dark one, and the crown she was wearing made it all the more obvious.Β  See how Venus struggles to get the crown out of her hair while Shamcey buys her time?Β  Hair fail.

But anyway, Venus Raj’s hair aside congratulations to Shamcey for her win!Β  It wasn’t Venus’s fault that her hair was styled the way it was.Β  Consider this criticism of her hair a constructive note to her stylists.Β  I am hopeful she will look better from now on.Β  Here are the winners!

We had a lot of fun that night seeing the winning beauties don their formals and crowns and cradle their bouquets of victory.Β  May they live long and prosper (ears twitch).

We also had our share of fun that evening, my cousins Gabriela, Kara and I had the requisite event wall photo, and so did my aunt and uncle :).


Hope you enjoyed the photo overload!Β  May Filipina women continue to captivate, enthrall, lead, and inspire those around them :).




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  • wow kc looks super tan – and you and your cousins/aunt looked great! thanks for sharing!

  • Donna

    Thanks for posting Julia. Once in lifetime event indeed. Thanks for helping putting me together. I love the “dazzling” word.

    Good article. Will share to others!

  • Nenette

    Great article! Hilarious… re description of hair of Venus!

  • Gab

    Great article!!!

    Ate Juls, post the other pictures on Facebook! πŸ™‚

  • kriz

    you looked like your aunt! you’re all beautiful!