Lisa Eldridge’s Cosmetic Time Travel

One of the world’s best make-up artists from the UK, my personal favorite in terms of “mentoring”, Lisa Eldridge, has whipped up a series of features about vintage Western makeup.

For me what I love about listening to Lisa is she’s so poised, eloquent and collected.Β  Here I want to share 2 videos, this first one is her introduction to the series on vintage make-up she is creating where she presents up front some really interesting cosmetic treasures from the past.

This second feature which I love is her interview with Madeleine Marsh, writer of the book Compacts and Cosmetics – Beauty from Victorian times to the present day, wherein Lisa’s visit to flamboyant Madeleine’s homegrown museum of female treasures takes us on a fun and interesting discussion of old cosmetic items and the history of Western women.Β  I encourage you to watch this not bit by bit but from beginning to end.Β  Madeline Marsh is also a joy to listen to and she’s so so funny.

If you were unable to view the videos above click here for the Intro and Part 1.

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  • oh ive seen these as well – its so fascinating! i only cringed when she put on the vintage blush and lipcolor, that makeup is wayyy expired, i’d be scared to put it on my face!

    my favorite is the piano shaped packaging its so cute! and funny how one of the makeup cases had a cigarette holder on it, i bet they won’t ever think to add that on today’s makeup cases!