Z.E.N. Organic Dark Chocolate Body Scrub – Everyday Endorphins :)

While I haven’t begun to use this delightfully chocolatey Z.E.N. Dark Chocolate scrub everyday just yet our first encounter was a yummy refreshing experience :).   Thank you to Patricia Sorongon my marine biologist go-planet (my word LOL) friend who sells Z.E.N. organic stuff via SariSatinStore.multiply.com.  She gifted me with this and two other items.


What absolutely drew me in straightaway upon opening it, after hearing Patricia mention “Dark Chocolate”, once you have it you SEE and SMELL the richest most natural smelling kind of chocolate not some synthetic trying-to-be-chocolate smell.  I also like that it’s a clear container and you get what you imagine plus plus. It’s almost fudgey, I almost dipped my finger in to taste it.  Keep your foodie concerns at bay, coz the consistency when combined with water isn’t alien to a normal body scrub, it cleanses and rinses like a normal bath product.


The scrub texture isn’t rough and sandy like some foot scrubs tend to be.  It’s a gentle scrub with apricot seeds that do the job.  This dark chocolate scrub is made of Premium Native chocolate and virgin coconut oil, wow, you can’t get any more local than that!  Sorry about the photo below, I rotated too much.  I was trying to get the word Dark Chocolate.

As you can see from the label there are no artificial colors or ingredients, so the dark chocolate you see is the dark chocolate you get.  Contacts are 09228219459 / 09205354447.   Call or Text for orders or go to their website at the link I provided above.



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