Cloud Mine – Press Paws or Play to Continue

Meet Cloud.  Our six week-old distraction.  It’s her fault there hasn’t been a make-up post yet.  Totally her fault.


Cats come programmed.  Give them a sand tray with a reasonable amount of fidgeting space, food and water and you’re set.  Cloud is a Persian Himalayan sweetie given to us at a between-friends price by Mom’s retired colleague.  She likes being typical and keeps herself busy with a piece of yarn and a small rubber ball, and at the moment she keeps wads of crumbled paper for friends.

Our Jack Russel terriers, Jack and Jill, have taken to sniffing beneath the door of isolation to assess the intruder, but for now that’s as far as they go for Cloud’s safety.  To familiarize them with Cloud later on, a week or so from now, they will eventually have daily supervised visits once the the cat has grown and settled in just a bit more. We’ll also be leaving a towel/blanket with them that was used by Cloud so as to familiarize them with her smell being part of our home.

I’m not worried about Jill, she’s a female Jack Russell who accepts everyone and these dogs live with two other cats.  I am only concerned about our alpha male, Jack…

… ever so dominant and I’m sorry to say he may be guwapo when he poses for photos (he does, really) but he bites strangers, we keep him tied only when there are guests.  He keeps our home in “the middle of nowhere” safe from intruders, but he’s very affectionate towards us, we still keep our distance though when he’s got a piece of food to show off.  He grew up aggressive and rather socially inept because we moved houses three times while he was growing up and it was chaotic.  He’s a protective sweetheart, but he selectively chooses who he likes and does not like (woe to them) so we’ll have to be careful in gradual introduction to Cloud. We also have two other cats of unremarkable lineage, Victor and Abu who co-exist peacefully with the two dogs.

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