KRYOLAN HD Micro Foundation Cache

Hi (croak), the bag is back.  Pardon the sudden hiatus, I was overcome by an evil virus.  Judging from the symptoms, high fever, phlegm, swollen lymph nodes, hag coughs, it most likely was pharyngitis.  I woke up one morning three days ago and I didn’t have a voice then in the evening a fever hit me.  Today I’ve decided to share with you a special item my aunt brought back for me from Hamburg, Germany.


It’s a dainty little Kryolan HD foundation palette, but believe me, it’s power packed with quality.  Just the way the Germans do it.

Mom and I gazed at those flawless pans of product and she said “Wow, look how perfect those look.  No cracks or anything uneven.”  The HD Micro Foundation Cache is essentially a palette for concealing.  You may also use it as a base as I do sometimes.

The shades are a neutral range and include a nice peachy shade ideal for blush or lips on pale skintones.  I combine the second and third shades to create my skin shade.  The Kryolan foundation cache provides a subtle dewy finish and covers redness and blemish marks really well.  I’ve simply used the Kryolan foundation here as a base and the lipstick I’m wearing is Human Nature’s Love Minerals lipstick in Sweet Nectar, something my boyfriend brought me when I was ailing. It’s a pretty lipstick too isn’t it?  It’s the warmer version of Pink Skies, the other Love Minerals lipstick shade I have.


This Kryolan foundation palette is described on the box as “A special foundation, created with finest, micronized pigments, that delivers an exceptional perfect make-up with excellent covering power.”

Please excuse the eyebags…I’ve not been sleeping well because of my cough and fever and I didn’t want to put a wad of make-up on just as I happen to be recovering.  Local make-up professionals try to get their hands on Kryolan products especially since the brand has been around for around 65 years in the industry creating excellent professional stage and film makeup.  A lot of local make-up artists and celebrities are familiar with the range, and if you spend time in the area of Timog, Quezon City near ABS-CBN, among certain make-up stockists and suppliers, Kryolan is, as I was told, available there.  The Kryolan range boasts 16,000 products and 750 shades, an artists’ dream and my, what a monster of an inventory they must have!



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